MOSCOW, October 24 – RIA News. When the escalator fell at a Repubblica subway station in Rome, suffering from 15 Russians and brought to the hospital, the Novosti RIA was informed by the embassy in Italy.
As Russia's Russian embassy affaires affirmed, Maxim Burliai, three are a serious condition.
He noticed that four citizens from Ukraine also got to the hospital.
"The list of all victims has been made, our diplomatic has made direct contact with them all," said the diplomat.
He said that the city head of Dublin City, which expressed solidarity words on behalf of the Romans, gave him the necessary assistance to the victims.
Earlier, the Russian embassy said that the victims of the hospital would be kept from 48 hours to 7 days. All eyes came in a sober state.
Last night at the Roman subway station "Repubblika" the escalator, on which a Russian football fan was driving, ordered. It fastened sharply, because the crush began.
The fans went on to match the Champions League between CSKA and Roma.
According to media reports, one of the Russians lost after the incident, but this information was not confirmed. Later in the Russian embassy he said that the Italian doctors had escaped the leg, there was no need for input.
Roman prosecutors open case. Check at the city transport service too.
Open Russian Embassy in Italy Linen. All information can be obtained by phone: +393802652769.


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