The NFL is not afraid of the Azteca stadium grass

The NFL is not afraid of the Azteca stadium grass

There is no fear in the NFL. Azteca stadium grass will be a perfect condition for Monday Night & # 39; of Week 11.
The conditions of Santa Úrsula Colossus hybrid grass are acceptable and the closer date to be applied, the questions are clear, will it be ready to host such an event? In an exclusive dialogue with the Journalist of the Sportsmen, General Director of NFL Mexico, Arturo Olivé, "does not sleep as I know that there is a large community around me. We have already Even though we have to overcome our confidence, we have a great team, great recreation. We are busy, but we are confident. "" We have been in touch with the stadium from the outset. There is a great deal of cooperation, from partners, see what we do together to overcome these obstacles. The continued use of the court is a problem, and tomorrow's days will be resting and working for the game on Monday. It will have eight or nine days to to take breath, "added the manager with the full understanding. Olivé is rely on experts in the field, and he hopes to be optimistic about the situation that is approaching: "Every month we have visits from the people of the United States and the experts in the courts are in touch, we are still in a good position to the court be ready

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