The Nazi greetings of the Boixos Guayas in Vallecas before the Rayo - Barça

The Nazi greetings of the Boixos Guayas in Vallecas before the Rayo - Barça

Last Saturday, around the Vallecas stadium, a group of fans of Barça, the Boixos Chicos, faced radical followers of the Rayo Vallecano, known as the Bukaneros. Barça radical supporters strolled around the stadium of the Madrid team singing violent slogans against rival teams and making fascist greetings.

The match last Saturday ended three minor injuries as a result of the incidents that occurred around 14 hours between members of the Bukaneros and Boixos Boys near the street where there is access to the changing rooms of the stadium of Vallecas . The three wounded ended at the hospital: one at Gregorio Marañón and two, with bruises, the Infanta Leonor.

The origin of the fight is unknown, if they were wearing white weapons or if the groups had previously been mentioned to face each other, as has happened previously between groups of other hobbies. The National Police intervened quickly and agents of the Police Intervention Unit (UIP), known as anti-avalans, formed a perimeter to control the two groups, away from each other outside the stadium.

Barça issued a statement in which he regretted and condemned "the events that occurred between followers of Rayo Vallecano and Barça in Madrid". "The Barça club reaffirms the commitment in the fight against any form of violence associated with sport, and is made available again to the bodies and security forces, and all the agents involved, to end the groups who practice it in a systematic way " .


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