The Motagua wins with a goal from Rubilio to a Real España that does not wake up

The Motagua wins with a goal from Rubilio to a Real España that does not wake up

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
The Motagua returned to smile and this Sunday won 1-0 to a Real Spain that does not waken in duel corresponding to the third day of the National League Opening Match 2018.
After three minutes of play, José David Velásquez's imprudence ended in a penalty kick. The center-back in his attempt to get the ball to the Paraguayan Roberto Moreira inside the area rather knocked him down and was penalized.
The maximum penalty was collected by Rubilio Castillo, who with a touch to the right of goalkeeper Roberto López, who threw himself to his left, scored. It is the goal 100 of Rubigol in the National League, 77 with Motagua, 18 with Life and five with Sports Savio.
He also matched the Uruguayan Nicolás Cardozo, who scored a goal in the country and scored one of Juan Manuel Cárcamo, who retired with 101 goals and in the third place of Honduras' historic scorers. Wilmer Velázquez and Denilson Costa are the first two.
After so much Real Spain was looking for the tie, the closest he got to it was at 23 minutes when Henry Figueroa almost gets into his own goal after center by right, fortunately for the defender of the blue, the ball It crashed on the horizontal.
At 38, Moreira headed Klifox Bernárdez, he entered the area, center, César Oseguera swept, the ball was left to Rubilio, who took a right hand, but deep Pipo Lopez took the danger.
At 44 Angel Tejeda missed a bad rejection of Rougier. The aurinegro forward had the arc alone.
In the second half Mario Martinez had two great arrivals, the first at 75 and the next one a minute later, in the first Rougier he stayed with the ball and in the second Juan Pablo Montes took it off the line.
In the end the score did not move and the Motagua beat a Real Spain that does not wake up since the aurinegros arrived from being eliminated from the Concacaf League at the hands of Tauro FC of Panama.
Motagua: Jonathan Rougier; Juan Pablo Montes, Henry Figueroa, Denil Maldonado, Marcelo Santos, Kliffox Bernárdez, Matías Galvaliz, Reinieri Mayorquín, Kevin López; Roberto Moreira and Rubilio Castillo.
Real Spain: Roberto López; César Oseguera, Odis Borjas, Johnny Leverón, José Velásquez; Alfredo Mejía, Benavídez, Edder Delgado, Selvin Guevara; Iván López, Ángel Tejeda. .

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