Who has witnessed a game from Girona to Primera should have verified the happiness radiated by white and red, installed in a permanent cloud of euphoria since landing among the best. And they have reason to do it, to clarify. 87 years after its foundation and after remaining with honey on the lips in three of the last four years, on June 4, 2017 reached the highest category. They have now held 50 matches with the following records: 18 wins, 14 draws and 18 defeats, with 63 goals in favor and 73 against, first with Pablo Machín and now with Eusebio.

Competitors to the extreme feel each instant as if it were a first time, remembering that August 19, 2017, where they impersonated an Atletico Madrid (2-2), with the first two goals of the Uruguayan Cristhian Stuani, who scored 29 (46%). That night, Girona wrote the first chapter of a fabulous story that does not stop collecting joys. In the second match between the best the first win came: it was August 26 and a goal by Alcalá gave the three points against Malaga (1-0).

Their numbers are very similar at home than outside. In the Girona stage 26 matches have been played with a balance of 10 wins, five draws and 11 defeats, and 34 goals in favor and 33 against. Far from Montilivi, reds and blancos played 24 games, with eight wins, nine draws and seven defeats, and 29 goals in favor and 40 against. While in Montilivi 35 of the 78 points were tied (45%), 33 out of 72 (46%) were added. An absolute balance translated into 68 of the 150 possible points (45%), a comfortable stay and the path open for the second consecutive, because the current margin on the descent is seven points. In fact, Eusebio slightly improves the numbers of Machín, since he has added one point more than he had wound up at this point, and he has four games without losing (8 points from the last 12), just one of equal five (11 of 15), which was set by Sevilla coach, who also won two sets of three consecutive victories. So far Eusebio has only been able to win two straight games; yes, he has done it twice.

The comeback in Madrid

Between the magical nights the impressive victory against Madrid stands out (2-1), catching the initial disadvantage thanks to the goals of a couple that Montilivi will remember eternally: Stuani and Portu. Striving for its own identity and an indestructible strength, the Girona fans felt proud because the triumph occurred under the recipe of faith, which demands not surrender despite adversity. Thanks to the same method they reached Primera División, after overcoming years of disappointment. For 10 days, a goal by Pere Pons took Valencia and allowed to take the three points from one of the most historic stadiums of Primera. They were also able, at the end of September, to silence the Camp Nou, with a tie to 2 in which Eusebio's team did not have enough to win, playing in numerical superiority against the league champions. There are customs that must never be lost.

Espanyol (0-1), again Athletic (1-1), Athletic (2-0), Villarreal (0-2 and 0-1) and Celta (1-0 and 3 -2) have tasted the power of a Girona that only has two black beasts to the elite, Sevilla and Eibar, who have always defeated it. For history books, it will also remain at noon on January 13, 2017, when an engineer named Olunga, played by a magic wand, contributed the first hat trick from a white-and-red soccer player to the elite to the biggest goal of the Girona-born Primera. 6-0 against Las Palmas reaffirmed the condition of revelation of a team that remained at seven points in Europe after flirting for a good part of the course. To rub your eyes.

The proper names

Borja García, with 49 of the 50 games played, is the player who has grown the most from Girona from the field. Nearby, with 46, there are men like Portu (13 goals), Juanpe and Bernardo, who nobody exceeds in minutes (3,948). Captain Àlex Granell, one of the gironins of the squad, is the one who has assisted most, eight in 44 duels. And apart from Stuani, who eats aside and has played 43, there is also the international goalkeeper with Morocco Bounou, with 42 games, and Aday and Pere Pons, with 40. The top ten the full Maffeo, which is no longer there, with 33. Of all of them, only two men -Bernardo and Stuani- did not play Second. It looks like a miracle.

Special mention also for Eloi Amagat, the only player who has dressed the red and white colors from the Third Division to the First, and that was released on February 16, 2018, in the win (3-0 ) against the Leganés. The captain, who had debuted on October 28, 2004 in a Copa match against the goal of the win against Villarreal at the last minute, closed a circle. "Hopefully, no other", he reflected Hidden before leaving to the United States to play with the New York City. If Girona continues at this rate, it will not have to suffer.



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