FC Barcelona Brazil said "Leo is just one" starting with one leg, there is one dribble and it's not really good. " Pel, in a statement to the paper of Folha de Sao Paulo, said players like Beckenbauer, Cruyff, Maradona were better than Messi. The Brazilian old player was compared to Maradona and Messi in this way: "How a player can not compare that does not succeed well and the two legs start well and that another starts with a leg one, there is one dribble and it's not good at all? "Well, it's easy to find a newspaper library to achieve the goals and plays of Leo Messi, which takes the cause of a Pel and shows that Messi in Olympus is so legends football and not a player is incomplete as O & # 39; Rei Here is a small example: Unlike what Pel thinks, Messi showed that he has a lot of resources to the market, including this hat over Almunia, goalkeeper Arsenal, in the Champions League game. Hat and goal: Messi Youtube Again in the Champions, Miss Messi returns to show his quality and, dribble to leave the floor to Boateng, bati to Neuer, Bayern goalkeeper. It's broken to Boateng from thousands of attitudes! On a final story of Copa del Rey, Leo returned to show great play and a goal against the Bilbao Athletics. Winner of Messi's Puskas tagged Tagi The final luxury of his collection has been and nothing else has been done to others who have done it throughout his career. The team he suffered, the Attico de Madrid. The inditas images on the top of the Messi race could not be lost in this list of the past round of the world and marked Getafe in the Copa del Rey game. The Argentinian rise how many players were on his way. The player is much smaller, as Pel says, one player with a dribble. Messi emits the goal of Getafe Maradona in 1986 Deca Pel Messi is a player, which identifies not just hitting the left leg. Due to this, in the 2018 World Cup against Nigeria and with the right, he also earned a nomination for the 2018 Puskas.Mundial. Messi goal to Nigeria Due to its low status and Pel's statements saying that it is not going well, the game may have a great deal with Messi, but its goals it has been scored like this to draw on another reality. As goalkeeper Deportivo de La Corua.Gol Messi (0-1) i Deportivo – Barcelona Mediaproposably, the lowest goal of Messi. In the Champions League final, against Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo and winning even the season's biggest season in the 2008/09 season. Target Messi at United head. .


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