The Girona-Barça United States, announced in the Miami press

The Girona-Barça United States, announced in the Miami press

Follow the stretch-and-ride between the League and the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) for the Girona-Barça dispute in Miami. While employers insist on bringing the January 26 party to the United States, the federal entity denies it and asks all parties to "forget" this possibility. The case is blocked, and the president of the League, Javier Tebas, confirmed Thursday last week that he will bring the matter to court and that "until the first week of December" there are possibilities that give him "the reason." Meanwhile, in the Miami press, you can see announcements of the party, such as the cover of the 'Miami Herald'.

Despite the fact that the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, gives the issue by closed confident that the Girona-Barça de Miami will not be played, Tebas is still on his way. "We have already started the corresponding legal procedures to claim where it is appropriate for the game to be played in the United States. I will not say where, but we are already in third parties to decide. We believe we have the right to be able to play in Miami." The president of the League said less than a week ago.

"We already knew that we should get to claim in the courts, it is not new, we have waited to have the tests of what is being said. It is true that the regulation of international parties leaves until January. They are more than two months. We believe that until the first week of December we have the chance to give us the right, "added Thebes.

On the other hand, the party – which only has the support of the League, the organizing company of the duel Relevent and the two clubs involved, Girona and Barça – do not count on the approval of FIFA, which maintains the positioning that Girona-Barça had to play in the territory of the Spanish Federation. "Let me tell you where it is written. It does not say it anywhere," Tebas argued, putting an example that this year's Supercup in Spain was played in Tangier. "Why do they and we do not?", Signed the league's top leader less than a week ago.


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