The fortune of Malcom, the problems of Dembélé

The fortune of Malcom, the problems of Dembélé

"Sometimes football players seem to be robots, but these guys need support. They are people, and relationships are key," explains Gustavo Poyet, who was Malcom coach at the Bordeaux Girondins. The first reaction of the Brazilian after setting his first goal as Barca at Giuseppe Meazza was to thrill, with an almost painful expression, of who has suffered. He held it covering his face, but all his colleagues were looking for him to embrace him and say words to his ear. "I deserved it, it's a very nice guy who works hard," said Sergio Busquets.

Since he arrived at Barça, Malcom was not Malcom. He was a secondary player, without weight to the dynamics of the dressing room. When he had played, he had not done much. His win in the field of Cultural was especially bad, and Valverde sent him back to the arena a few days later. But in the second half of the game of Milan, with the game breaking, Valverde chose Malcom. He could have given Rafinha minutes, but he chose Malcom's legs. And the play was winning. "I understand Valverde, it is very difficult to manage a dressing room. It's a psychological game. Each player reacts differently to your decisions. One day you drop a player who does not do it well, but if you give him minutes later he reacts with character . Perhaps with these minutes in Milan, Valverde has recovered the best Malcom. Who knows, the road is long, "explains the ARA Poyet.

The fate of the former Girondins player could be tied to that of Dembélé. With Messi and Suárez fixed in attack, a third place is reserved for a band player. In fact, Malcom scored after entering by a Dembélé who tried it with two shots from the front, but again he seemed to play a different game. "There is no chemical yet," they say from Barça to explain the slow process of adapting an excellent player to a specific style of play such as Barça. In broken matches, French appears. When Barça plays with order, true to his style, he suffers.

Malcom's goal could make things more complicated for Dembélé, since Malcom will be in direct competition now that Messi will return. "The luck of a player always means problems for others, it is not easy to manage," says Poyet. In fact, in San Siro, Rafinha, holder of the last three games, was substitute without playing a game. If Valverde has all three, he will win. But on the way you can lose players and Dembélé worries, especially, for his way of doing off the field: closed in his world, with requests that have not liked Barça in recent months, such as wanting to change private driver, not taking care of the food and not paying much attention to the cook that Barça put on, or not complying with the club's commitment to advertising, which has forced the club to change the agenda. If the workers of the Dembélé house are causing nerves, it also does so on the playing field. The lack of chemistry also affects the game, with soccer players making despair when they think that French is wrong with their decisions. Even in the dressing room she did not like last season to hear Dembélé speculating with offers from Premier League clubs. The perception was that a player who brings so little to the club, being young, should make it clear that he wants to win at the Camp Nou and not play with interest in other clubs.

At the gates of a new standings, the game against Betis could be a new test to see where the costumes are changing now that Messi will return. Depending on whoever has minutes, you can draw conclusions about the management of a Valverde who smiled to see how Malcom sought the opportunity to kick with the left, in the play of the goal, when Asamoah was offering him the outward exit , to the right, to avoid the shot. But Malcom found the hole, right. He scored the goal that changed things a lot. "Malcom can triumph at Barça, he has a lot of quality. He needs to finish adapting to the style of play, but if Barça play with this 4-3-3 he will adapt. In the end, players need to feel – Valued. Bordeaux cost him, but after talking to him and connecting with the person, a boy who has suffered to succeed, things began to change. " The celebration of Milan, with colleagues creating complicities with him, was a time when things began to be different for Malcom.


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