He helped, without a doubt, the open and offensive proposal with which the Pumas were forced out … But beyond the spaces that were generated all the time on the court, no one can discuss the quality and character he exhibited last night in the Olympic Games from the University City, the American American Diego Lainez. This boy is becoming a great player. And regardless of whether you love or hate the Eagles, this should be recognized as something very positive and pleasant. The goal with which the marker was opened in this first duel of the second semifinal was spectacular. He showed skill, power, but above all intelligence. Few players in the Liga Mx can exhibit this talent. And one thing is that Lainez will show qualities since he appeared in the First Division and another very different is that he had the personal capacity to mature properly. Many of the soccer players, an overwhelming majority, succumb to those first praises. The brief years of this boy in America are the years and months of the second stay as coach of Miguel Herrera. So he will have to give El Piojo the merit that he has known to handle. The player and his family environment. When Miguel returned, two years ago, Lainez felt the team leader and a little bit that paper was given to him all: he was charged the faults, the corner shots, he ordered, he commanded, protested. that he could do great damage by letting him take that role, the coach was dosing it and between supplements and shipments from plane to the tribune or no calls was placed. I came later a stage where the calls to national national selections were privileged. Until this tournament he returns and returns as a nearly consolidated player. Aside from the final result between these two good teams, Diego Lainez deserves a good recognition. Measured, realistic


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