"The Big Bath": "With the actors, there was work ..."

"The Big Bath": "With the actors, there was work ..."

Former swimmer Julie Fabre, 42, is the coach of France's synchronized swimming team. La Niçoise is also the one who coached for six months the eight actors of "Grand Bain", Gilles Lellouche's film.

Did you feel a "Big Bath" effect?

JULIE FABRE. The film surely brought a more benevolent look at the male practice of synchronized swimming. It is still difficult for a little boy and his parents to go to our discipline, as to dance or figure skating. We must dare to face the eyes of others. But it's a sport that must start young enough!

Are male practitioners numerous in France?

A little less than 200. What has created a small craze among boys is access for the first time to major competitions in 2015, with the fourth place in the world mixed duo Virginie Dedieu / Benoît Beaufils. Today, for example, we have a boy who has entered the hope pole of Aix-en-Provence. Every Wednesday, children come to practice at INSEP and this year, for the first time, there are two boys in the group. It's going really well. Before, everyone would have shown a little boy a finger. There are barriers to knock down.

Your role in the filming was crucial. Tell us …

I do not hide the fact that there was work every week in the INSEP basin … At first I thought that I would never be able to put together a choreography that would stand the test of time. I'm not used to dealing with men's bodies, which is not sporty! We first worked in small groups. Putting them together could have discouraged them. When I met them, they could see their progress right away. I wanted the rendering to be excellent, that it does not lead to a caricature. Otherwise, it would have served synchronized swimming.

Are you happy with the result?

What happens with this film is galvanizing. We can talk about our sport, say that, we exist.

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