The Barcelona derby takes the best course entry to RCDE Stadium

The Barcelona derby takes the best course entry to RCDE Stadium

The derby of Barcelona has brought, as usual every year, the best entry to RCDE Stadium, who has dressed up to receive the citizen rival. 24,037 spectators, almost 1,000 more than in the last two derbies of the past year, attended the Spanish defender and improved the one that, to date, was the best entry of the current season, the 22,258 followers who were present at the other Catalan derby In Cornellà-El Prat this season, against Girona. A figure, of course, far removed from the wishes of Rubi, who had asked about 30,000 spectators. The white-and-blue club sold about 5,000 entries to its members and there were about 19,000 subscribers.

The fans of Espanyol have received their team with a great banner in the animated series: "Hereus of a story", with the faces of Zamora, Canito, Lauridsen, Tamudo and Marañón and the five shields that has had the entity throughout its history. La Peña Juvenil has shown another one: "Desperta Ferro". The white-and-blue colors have predominated, but the presence of Spanish flags spread across virtually all the tile areas has been quite abundant, with the exception of the animation stands, where they have long since prevented exhibit political flags. From that area, yes, some recurring insults have been heard in the derbies.

The atmosphere at RCDE Stadium, animated by the game of lights in the moments before the game, and that has gained in intensity with the first ball played by Piqué, has fallen sharply with the goal of Messi, euphoria in silence Dembele, a few moments later, and Suárez, just before the break, have just whispered the white-and-blue stadium. In the second half, the insults have been repeated and have focused, above all, on Gerard Piqué. Strong spectators have left the Spanish arena since the break.


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