Swansea City fans have always been known to go one step further in supporting their club.

What about 10,000 miles?

US-based Katie Biddle, 30, of Shoreline, Seattle, has demonstrated an incredible commitment by making her first pilgrimage to watch her beloved swans on British shores.

And not just the swans. The avid football fan has also played other games, including Wales 1-0 against Ireland in Dublin last week.

It's their first trip to the UK and their first national game was Swansea's 1-0 defeat at Aston Villa. Hard lines, Katie.

She said, "I did not make an appointment, I dedicated my life to Swansea City.

"I'm really looking forward to the game against Blackburn and I'll meet other supporters I did not meet at the Aston Villa match.

"It will be really fun to see them, hang out with them and be in Swansea."

Katie saw Swansea for the first time as they traveled through their homeland before the 2017/18 season and played against Wales in Los Angeles in the summer.

As always, the Jack Army has welcomed hosts and although she travels alone, Katie says she feels at home with her swans.

Katie Biddle at Villa Park this past weekend, wearing her Swansea City colors

"They were really excited that someone came over from the US," the retailer said.

"There were a few Swansea and Wales fans who took me under their wing."

Katie was in the Principality to watch as Spain demolished Ryan Giggs' team before witnessing Welsh football at the other end of the scale and taking a game in Newport County with Rodney Parade.

The fans of the community even bought the Swans fan a drink in the game against Stevenage.

But why Swansea?

"We follow a club because we see something in ourselves, it does not matter where you come from," she added.

"It should be, I launched the twelfth Swan Twitter account in January 2016, during which time it has exceeded my wild expectations."

The 16-day adventure took them to Birmingham, Cardiff, Carmarthenshire and Swansea to see Welsh football.

Katie traveled all the way from Seattle to see Swansea City and Wales play

Overall, she will have covered 9,360 miles on her journey, with internal travel likely to come closer to the 10,000-mile mark.

"If you support Swansea City, you're supporting not just the first team, but all the teams," she added.

In Katie's case, that's not the truth.

She watched Swansea Women, who lost 2-0 against Welsh Premier League champions Cardiff Metropolitan at the weekend against Cesscoed Campus.

American Swansea City fan Katie Biddle with Katy Hosford at last weekend's game

It was co-starred with Swans striker Katy Hosford, who won the final of the FAW Women's Cup last year.

Your devotion to everything Swansea seems to be well founded – but when does it date? Was it the American takeover of the club by Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien in summer 2016 or the appointment of Bob Bradley a few months later?

No, of course it was an FA Cup match 2014.

Swansea's win over Manchester United – thanks to a late Wilfried Bony header – unleashed her emotional bond.

Bonys outstanding winner was Swansea's very first victory at Old Trafford and was a big reason for Katy's support of the Swans.

"If you know, you know. It felt right," she added.

"Swansea City is a great outsider story, and we've been living underdog history in Seattle for years."

This underdogs day has taken on a new meaning since relegating from the Premier League last season, which has hit Katie as hard as a Hafod supporter.

"The feeling of descent is how I would imagine a breakup, for me it felt like a fresh break, I was like a walking zombie."

The new start in Landore under Graham Potter has rejuvenated the Swansea support base, confirming Katie.

"The connection between the players and the fans is definitely real, Graham Potter is a big part of it," she said.

"American fans are big fans of Oli McBurnie, we were McBurnie fans before they were trendy."

The Seahawks fan says she is already planning to return to South Wales to play more games in the future and feels very comfortable in these parts.

"Wales feels a lot like Seattle, the weather is very similar," she said.

"It's nice to see the farmland, it's relaxing, you'll see more sheep than houses!

"I would like to come and see some Wales internationals and a Swansea game.

"It would be fun to do what I did, maybe not so long, but I see a home game, an away game and a league game."



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