The 125th edition of the most important Polo tournament in the world was presented: the Argentine Polo Open, which was named as a show of national interest for the third time in a row. The same will have 28 to 40 goals of handicap, and will start on Saturday, with the matches between Alegría-La Irenita against La Ensenada (11.30) and La Aguada against La Dolfina (14.30), and will culminate on Saturday, December 15, when dispute the final between the two best teams of the contest.
        Opening of the Argentine Polo Open (Photo: Emmanuel Fernández).

Clarín was present at the Argentine Polo Field and spoke hand in hand with two referents of the most important teams of the circuit: Pablo Mac Donough, of La Dolfina, and Nicolás Pieres, of Ellerstina, who defined the Hurlingham Open, which ended in the hands of "the men in black". What are your expectations for this new edition of the Argentine Polo Open?
-Pablo Mac Donough: "You live with a little more experience, but the desire and nerves never loose.It is the most important tournament in the world, and today having a team to be in the final is very nice." -Nicolás Pieres: "Ellerstina's expectations are to win, it's a very tough tournament with very good teams, so we have to go match by match, we will try to reach the final, and if we do we will try to win it" After the definition of the Hurlingham Open, how do you take this new tournament? -PMC: Palermo motivates you on its own. Having lost Hurlingham benefits us at some point to have more chances. You have to do a cold analysis, be positive, and learn from defeats, that always works. Ellerstina, along with La Dolfina are the strongest teams in the tournament, so to win, if we reach a final and they are there, we have to have a good day, otherwise you will not win. -N. Q .: It was a huge joy, winning an Open is very important, and more being against La Dolfina, we are happy with that, because it is a great push to start Palermo.

What is your opinion about the possibility of the Polo being reinserted in the Olympic Games? -P.M.C .: It would be good, but I do not know if it can become so competitive. Argentina has a quality of players far superior to what is the rest of the world, and it would be difficult to be even. It would be good to know, but it does not seem so feasible. -N. P .: It would be very nice, because entering the Olympics for any sport should be beautiful. For us Argentines, who are the leaders of this sport, would be a plus. Hopefully it will de.What do you think about the renovations that are being made in the Argentine Polo Field? -P.M.C .: Since I started playing here, every year is improving a lot, especially this last time. The greater number of people that come and the more that the Polo and the Palermo Open can be promoted in particular, we must try to do it, because this is unique in the world. The best Polo is here and you have to take advantage of it.-N. Q .: Everything that is to improve the place, the event, that people come a little more fun and in more quantity, always helps the sport, and that is very good.
        Opening of the Argentine Polo Open (Photo: Emmanuel Fernández).

In addition representatives of the ten participating clubs of the Open said present, presented the tournament and spoke about their expectations about the last tournament of the Triple Crown. His statements: Pablo Mac Donough-La Dolfina: "You have to put it in, I hope many people come and the tournament is well promoted, it will be nice for the debutants, now with ten teams there are more participants who have the chance to enter and that is good. "Nicolás Pieres-Ellerstina:" Happy with the start, with great enthusiasm, we are waiting all year for this moment, for the polo this is very special, because it is the best Polo in the world. "Facundo Sola-Las Monjitas:" Every polista expects this moment, we prepare all year for this month, Palermo is the best tournament in the world and we have to enjoy it. "Alejandro Novillo Astrada-La Aguada:" I'm looking forward to the start. to start playing on court 1 and play as many games as possible. "Guillermo Terrera-La Dolfina PR:" Although I have experience but not so much, my nerves are in. To make my debut on Court 1, to be waiting all year for this moment, they are things that you they are nervous. "Christian Laprida-Cría Yatay:" It's hard to be here, we have to face it and try to win every game, and then see what happens. One works on this and now that we are here we have to enjoy. "Clemente Zavaleta-Alegría / La Irenita:" You have to play as well as possible, enjoy and if you reach the final, leave everything. "Francisco Elizalde-Albertina Abu Dhabi : "With a lot of desire to start, we have to enjoy it to the fullest and try to give the best". Fernandez Fernandez Llorente-La Ensenada (will debut in Palermo): "It's a dream, we really want to start on Saturday. There are no cabals, but training throughout the year. "Agustín Obregón-La Cañada Angiocor D. R. (will debut in Palermo):" I have quite nerves, but very happy, it is amazing to be in Palermo. It makes me very happy to play the Open. "
        Diego López Blanco, Carlos Menendez Behety, Delfin Uranga and Gabriel Martino, at the opening of the Argentine Polo Open.
(Photo: Emmanuel Fernández)

 Along with them, was present Delfin Uranga, vice president of the Argentine Association of Polo (AAP), who said that they are doing "many things to be at the height of this important event worldwide." That is why the directors of the AAP have held talks with leaders of the NBA and the NFL, for example, to acquire councils and ideas. There are several reforms that are being carried out in the Argentine Polo Field, among them, there are spaces for the players, who will be divided by clubs, to rest after the games. In addition to a food court and VIP boxs.There were also Carlos Menéndez Behety, marketing president of the AAP, the Director of Remonta y Veterinaria, Diego López Blanco, and Gabriel Martino, President of HSBC Argentina, main sponsor of the tournament. will contest the tournament: The competition will be divided into two zones: In A they will be: La Dolfina, La Aguada, La Dolfina II, Alegría-La Irenita and La Ensenada. While the B side will be composed of: Ellerstina, Las Monjitas, Yatay Wework Breeding, Albertina Abu Dhabi, and La Cañada Angiocor DRF On the other hand, tickets can be purchased through Ticketek and prices range from 450 to 1,300 pesos.


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