The 11 news of the day: Rennes and Ben Arfa cained, Kanté, Messi and Dembélé shine, Salah regale ... - Maxifoot

The 11 news of the day: Rennes and Ben Arfa cained, Kanté, Messi and Dembélé shine, Salah regale ... - Maxifoot

Rennes and Ben Arfa, bought by Amiens Guingamp, Kant is the fall of Manchester City, Messi and Dembl, Liverpool has been in Liverpool, Arsenal has taken his time, Manchester United finally won Bayern contained, inartable Dortmund. .. Find out the facts on Saturday in Ligue 1 and Europe. Be a leader in power The results in Ligue 1 (click on the score to read the news on the game): Guingamp 1-2 Amiens, Rennes 2-0 Dijon. The main results in Europe: Bournemouth 0-4 Liverpool, 1-0 Huddersfield Arsenal, Manchester United 4-1 Fulham, Chelsea 2-0 Manchester City, Leicester 0-2 Tottenham (Premier League), Atletico Madrid 3-0 Alaves, FC Valencia 1- 1 FC Sville, Espanyol 0-4 Bara (League), Naples 4-0 Frosinone, Cagliari 2-2 Rome (Series A), Bayern 3-0 Nürnberg, Schalke 1-2 Dortmund (Bundesliga) + Get Maxifoot results, scorers, ranking and schedule Ligue 1.1. Rennes and Ben Arfa amazing! In the meeting, the Stade Rennais defeated Dijon (2-0). The second win in two games for the new coach Julien Stphan. Bourigeaud dvie with Ciman allowed the British club to take the head (69th), and then Ben Arfa (90th) made the break. Dj Scorer against Lyon (2-0), Wednesday, the post-Parisian material and stays three goals in four games.
2. Amiens is suffering Guingamp … Long leader, Guingamp gave a receipt home against Amiens (1-2). Didot (70th) responded rapidly to open Aminois Gnahor (63th), but was the Picard club in charge of Mendoza (83rd). L & # 39; In Avant, Scotch's last place is 8 points behind the 17th where … Amiens.3. Kant is causing Manchester City to fall! The series needs to be the story from the beginning of the season, and Manchester City finishes peeling on Chelsea's lawn (2-0). The Blues can especially thank Kant, a scoring just before the break (45th) while his team was over the first time. Thanks to a very good crisis, a decisive double flow, Chelsea made the break in the second period on behalf of David Luiz (78th). To read the story and NOTES of the players, it is here.4. Messi and Dembl sail in the derby! FC Barcelona mainly defeated the Espanyol Barcelona (4-0), the 15th day of the League event. On top, Messi opened (17th) scoring the Bar before doubled in the second (65th) period. Argentina also gives a decisive pass for Dembl Franais (26th), who also transferred Suarez (45th). At the stands, the Catalan club has three pictures on FC Sville, held at FC Valencia (1-1) earlier in the day, and Atletico Madrid. The joy of Messi and Dembl5. Salah is wearing Liverpool! Liverpool was successful in Bournemouth (4-0). The Reds were able to count on amazing performance from Salah, triple author (25th, 48th, 77th). Cook scoring (68th) against it also to weigh the bill. With 10 goals, Salah goes to Aubameyang at the top of the scoring charts of the English series. VIDEO: triph Salah6. Arsenal took his time … Three days after his defeat against Manchester United (2-2), Arsenal fought against Huddersfield (1-0). The goal of Torreira is the 83 minute win, a quarter of every five games for the Gunners. Uni Emery's side did not happen for 21 games and a fifth, two points behind Tottenham (3rd) and Leicester (2-0) .7. Manchester United finally won! They failed to match four games in the series (1 defeat and 3 pull), Manchester United found the way to win victory on Fulham (4-1). Young (13th), Matthew (28th), Lukaku (42th) and Rashford (82th) gave Red Devils an opportunity to revive. But the cart is now important with eight points behind the 4.Mata and Rashford scorers for MU8. Bayern declares. A week after his success against Werder Brme (2-1), Bayern Munich won Nuremberg (3-0) on Saturday during the 14th day of the Bundesliga. For the first time this season, Niko Kovac had the eleven all-star line in the previous week and responded to his players with Lewandowski (9, 27th) and Ribry (56) goals. Bayern moved up to the second place, nine percent behind Borussia Dortmund. The joy of Ribry after her goal. Dortmund enrtable! Borussia Dortmund won the derby Ruhr on the Schalke 04 (2-1). If the BVB opener Caligiuri (61st) responded to Delaney (7th), thanks to the Marsupiaux to thank the pity Sancho (74th). The series of Lucien Favre has not yet won this series. Atletico meets, but Hernandez lost … Atletico Madrid wins Alavs (3-0) thanks to the goal of Kalinic (25th) and then shows two additional performances at the end of the game Griezmann (82) and Rodri (88). But Lucas Hernandez's Colchoneros lost an injury. The French defendant suffers from the right knee right and should not play again by the end of the year.11. Napoli Liverpool responds! Three days from a decisive match against Liverpool in the Champions League, the shape of Naples. Although the Bournemouth (4-0) Reds hit this Saturday, the Italian club won the same score by winning the same score against Frosinone (4-0). Zielinski (7th) gave the Partenopei fast, before Ounas (40th) then Milik (68th, 84th) did not put his team away. Second in the stands, eight points behind Juventus Turin are at Napoli and places the gap with Inter Milan, which is third in six. + Find the results, scorers, stands and schedule Ligue 1. Find Maxifoot against the winners against Dijon (2-0), Rennais sends back the smile Aminois's joy, Guingamp winners (2-1) XXL performance for Salah against Bournemouth (4-0) Torreira offers the Arsenal win against Huddersfield (1-0) Mourinho the success of the MU against Fulham (4-1) can not hit Napoli against Frosinone (4-0) Until it goes to Dortmund? What did you think about these results in Ligue 1 and Europe? Please do not hesitate to comment in the traffic section below. .

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