The tailor reports the return in full force, Sparta welcomes the representatives

He had to return to Prague a little earlier. On Tuesday, he was present in the Letná delegation, which went to the mayor for Klíč od Prahy for winning the derby in May. His summer training does not begin until Thursday, when he joins Brian Priske’s team alongside other representatives in the second wave. “I […]

Czech tennis players are going down in history! Krejčíková and Siniaková won the Champions Tournament

Barbora Krejčíková and Kateřina Siniaková won the Champions Tournament Henry romero, Reuters Krejčíková and Siniaková followed the Masters doubles title on Andrea Sestina Hlaváčková, Hana Mandlíková, Helena Suková and Jana Novotná, who always had a partner from abroad. Navrátilová has a record thirteen trophies, but she has always won as an American. Siniaková and Krejčíková […]