Carlos Alcaraz, a prodigy in uncertain times in the elite of the circuit

JAVIER MARTNEZ Updated Sunday, April 3, 2022 – 02:33 The Spaniard, a great favorite against Ruud to become the youngest champion of the tournament. With Nadal and Medvedev injured and waiting for Djokovic, nobody dominates like him Alcaraz volleyed against Hurkacz.Martha LavanderAP Alcaraz Knock down Hurkacz and play his first Masters 1000 final against Ruud […]

Australian Open: What chances do Federer and Djokovic have to beat Nadal?

JAVIER MARTINEZ Updated Tuesday, February 1, 2022 – 02:00 The Serbian, who is registered to reappear in Dubai from February 21, is a year younger and has the best balance in the last courses, but it depends on his temperament. The Swiss only played 12 games in 2021. Nadal, in the inn this Monday, in […]

What fountain of youth does Nadal drink from?

The path of the tennis player to win his 21st Grand Slam has come after an ordeal due to his chronic scaphoid injury and the work on a mental, physical and technical level to overcome the situation. “Not one gram more than necessary to preserve his foot and achieve more explosiveness, resistance and power,” explains […]

Australian Open: The Antpodes, the opposite

Updated Monday, January 31, 2022 – 23:46 Rafa Nadal, with the Australian Open trophy this Monday.EFE Opinion The best Nadal arrived in its original version History Nadal, among the greatest Few things are more difficult than educating a five-year-old. On Sunday morning I sat him down in front of the TV with his grandfather so […]

The example of Rafael Nadal

Neither in the best of dreams, nor in the most daring script of a movie, could we imagine a more epic final and, above all, more in keeping with the career of a tennis player who has already been crowned The best of all time and that, in case there was any doubt, he is […]

Australian Open: C/ Victoria, number 21

XAVIER GUM Updated Sunday, January 30, 2022 – 22:30 Nadal, with the Cup in the locker roomFIONA HAMILTONAFP Chronicle. Nadal displays all his mystique. Rivals. Federer’s sincere congratulations. If one of the best television series writers had been commissioned, a better dramatization of the events would not have occurred to him. Three tennis players share […]