El Marino approves that minors under 18 have free access to Miramar

The Marino de Luanco seeks to rejuvenate the love of Miramar. As announced by LA NUEVA ESPA√ĎA, the club will allow free entry to next year's games for those under 18 years of age. In addition, young people up to 23, will pay 50 euros to witness the entire season.

This policy will affect all the games of the season, including the Copa del Rey matches, a competition for which Marino de Luanco won the ticket last year and also for a possible play off promotion or descent.

Regarding the rest of prices, the Marino de Luanco focuses on different types of payment. On the one hand, there will be a family card dedicated to marriages with children under 23 years of age. The price will be 290 euros. The adult card in the grandstand will be 185 euros, while for other areas of Miramar, it will be worth 170 euros.

The whole of Oli wants to take advantage of the pull of the team after celebrating the fifth ascent of history to Second Division B. In Luanco breathe a very favorable climate with the team. Without going any further, in the decisive match against Sestao in Las Llanas there were half a thousand fans to watch the decisive goal by Emilio Morilla. It was the most important displacement in the history of the club. Also in Miramar the fans responded.