The Little Tigers roared at Vauclin

Judo On Saturday, La Vauclinoise Judo organized its 4th Little Tigers Tournament, with several other clubs as guests, including those of

Jean Guacide, in local legend

Judo Last November, Jean Guacide became, in Paris, the seventh high-ranking man in Martinican judo to obtain his 6th Dan. A

The triple performance of Mathis Clément

Badminton. French Championship (Para) The only Guadeloupean involved in these French championships, the Saint-François badminton club licensee once again confirmed the

A committed championship in Baie-Mahault

Judo. Guadeloupe Championship Saturday and Sunday at the Valère-Lamie gymnasium in Baie-Mahault, more than a hundred judokas came to challenge each

The bad players hit harder

Badminton – Regional Youth Trophy This weekend took place the second part of the Badminton Regional Youth Trophy. The competition was