While Schwabhausen's table tennis women lead the second Bundesliga again, neighbor Fürstenfeldbruck does not really want to go there yet.

By Andreas Liebmann, Schwabhausen

Alexander Yahmed had not read newspapers, and that was a mistake. The table tennis coach of TSV Schwabhausen had not noticed that the women of TuS Fürstenfeldbruck had strengthened themselves a few kilometers further in the summer. "I expected them to just go on like last year," he confessed. Therefore, he was in retrospect "heilfroh" that he had rather by chance not sent the very best lineup for the third league opening match three weeks ago, the Schwabhausen second team had just led to the neighbors. Because then it would have been really tight. So the Fürstenfeldbruckerinnen won to Yahmeds bafflement with 6: 1.

Alexander Yahmed now assumes that Fürstenfeldbruck is planning the ascent, that this is a "bomb squad", he says and makes no bones about the fact that he has not the slightest interest in causing the TuS to stumble on this path. On the contrary, he would be happy to have one floor up next year, in the second Bundesliga, maybe a derby on his doorstep.

One should not misunderstand this now: Yahmed would certainly not have sent even with a little more foreknowledge the worst lineup to Fürstenfeldbruck. He was just glad not to have inadvertently exhausted all the opportunities offered by his new squad for the second team. Because he will probably do so rarely in the rest of the season, and maybe it would have irritated the Fürstenfeldbrucker then but something, if just her neighbor wanted to prevent her under the use of all forces on the rise.

Schwabhausens Reserve can currently use Sarah Mantz, Christina Feierabend and Eva-Maria Maier at the same time. Youth national Mantz, 18, was number two in the first team, Feierabend, 32, and Maier, 22, counted here not so long ago to Erstliga staff. Since it is hardly noticeable that in Natalia Mozler a once highly valued talent left the team, the league rivals Bietigheim-Bissingen. In this top lineup, Schwabhausen II would be a clear candidate for promotion, but de facto at least Mantz and Feierabend are firmly scheduled for the first team. Against Fürstenfeldbruck it was Sarah Mantz, who preferred the coach for the second league.

There Schwabhausen started the season three weeks ago with Mantz, closing time and a rather humorless 6: 1 away win in Neckarsulm; And now, this Saturday, the team put in the first home game with a 6-0 against the ATSV Saarbrücken. So she is again the favorite on the championship title. However, once again, those responsible do not know whether they should seriously consider returning to the first division this year or not. Two years ago, the TSV had voluntarily withdrawn to the second division and then renounced once again as a champion and once as a second, each after a long period of reflection on the resurgence. "Our goal is for us to know where we want to go internally by December," says Yahmed vaguely.

The fact that his reserve on paper is so strong has its roots in the first team. On the one hand, the Chinese defender Yang Ting is only pro forma on position one of the Schwabhauser ranking, in fact, she is about to birth of her first child. And on the other, the youth national player Laura Tiefenbrunner joined the club in the summer. The 16-year-old comes from SV DJK Kolbermoor. Yahmed estimates her as well as Mantz, he has placed them in the ranking between the Croatian Mateja Jeger and the Belarusian Alina Nikitchanka. Now, the coach is actually able to cause even bafflement in the opponents. For the start in Neckarsulm, for example, he had renounced for tactical reasons on Tiefenbrunner, the defender Nikitchanka slipped to position two and defeated the opposing top player 3: 0. Against Saarbrücken he renounced as surprisingly to the Belarusian, while Tiefenbrunner convinced as number two.

By the way, Schwabhausen's second team defeated Chemnitz II 6-0 on Saturday – for the first time in full squad. Mantz and Feierabend made double shifts. And Fürstenfeldbruck? It was much harder against the same opponent: 3: 6 it was the end. The new number one TuS, Katerina Tomanovska, is Czech national player, 22 years young, but against Chemnitz she lost for the first time. And the new number two, Rahel Aschwanden, is 24, second-best Swiss, but was missing on Sunday. This will be the case more often due to studies, explains department head Rudi Lutzenberger, that's why they have no ascension in mind. Although they are strong at best, the second division is probably too early for their young talents. He mentions another reason for the commitments: "We were afraid that we would otherwise dismount."



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