Strength Americanist: gearrtar Martin ar Sansores i Yucatan duel

Strength Americanist: gearrtar Martin ar Sansores i Yucatan duel

Jorge Sanchez defended the first goal of his career, the central park, Mateus Uribe College, set a goal to bring the course to the meeting and American 2-1 won Morelia today for the ninth round of the Mexican Opening competition.
Sanchez, 20, received a score in the 29 minutes and Uribe took a pass from Henry Martin from Yucatan to sentence the game at 53 &
With the win, America hit 17 points in the second place of classification and waiting for other results of the date.
The Directories expanded on the Azteca Estadio over Monarcas, and did not miss the Apertura 2012.
The Sebastián Vegas Silent Scored 83 for Morelia, who split four to run games without victory and left 12 units, in the tenth stage.
Sanchez stole a ball at the departure of the Monarchs, enlisting the enemy area and 25 meters away, he played with a shot that left the left of Uruguay Carlos Sosa's goal.
Then Martin Mex took a ball to the left and passed to the center of the area for Uribe, who took a shot that came through the right post and at Sosa.
Le Monarchs also saw action of the Miguel Sansores Yucatec.
Rescue point holders
With Argentina's goal Lucas Zelayarán in the final minutes, the Trojans saved a 1-1 draw against Tuzos Pachuca.
Franco Jara Argentinian took over from the left to connect heading that finished in the net in the 30 minutes to put Pachuca in front, but Zelayarán took a ball outside of the area and converted from half an hour to 82 minutes. .
The Tuzos collects six games without loss and has 12 points.
Do not win to visit
The Tigers have 14 units in the 6th position, which remain for their four tournaments.
At the other Saturday meeting, Víctor Loroña scored at the beginning of the second half and Puebla got his first win as a season-win to win 1-0 to Queretaro.
In a corner edge game, Loroña gave a heading that came close to the right position at 49 minutes. That was enough for the people, who did not get on a journey from April 28, when they met Lobos.
With the result, Puebla came 13 points and was placed in the tenth general position.
Querétaro saw a broken break of three victories and left 14 units, temporarily o'clockly.- AP

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