St Johnstone manager Tommy Wright "devastated" for keeper Zander Clark

St Johnstone manager Tommy Wright "devastated" for keeper Zander Clark

Tommy Wright is "devastated" for goalkeeper Zander Clark after scoring for a St. Johnstone player in Scotland.

Kilmarnock's Jamie MacDonald was called up by Alex McLeish for the Nations League double header against Albania and Israel following the withdrawal of Jon McLaughlin from Sunderland.

And the decision reinforces Wright's conviction that his players are "not even on the radar" when it comes to Scotland's selection.

"First and foremost, I'm devastated for Zander," said the Perth boss. "It's a decision that really begs faith.

"When we saw that he was overlooked, everyone was

"It does not bother Jamie MacDonald, who is a very good keeper and someone I wanted to sign earlier.

"But in shape, Zander was outstanding. He conceded four times without conceding and although we were beaten by Celtic in these games, he was excellent.

"I know that people think that it's the stupid Northern Deer that comes out and stands up for its player, but I just can not believe it.

"I'm probably hurting Zander by expressing himself, but it's unbelievable that a 32-year-old goalkeeper is considered the future when the other two are in their mid-30s.

"St. Johnstone fans have often told me that the player in this club is not cracked and they seem to be right.

"We are not a fashionable club, that's pretty clear."

Wright, who had previously challenged Jason Kerr's absence in the Scottish under-21 teams, added, "Zander has been overlooked by people who are not as good as he is.

"In the current form, I can not see another keeper than Zander in this league.

"The situation of Jason was the same that was never mentioned.

"I did not have a phone call yet, so they can not even be on the radar.

"When Gordon Strachan was the manager and broke through here, Stevie May was right on the phone, asking me about him.

"And he would come to many games to see it for himself.

"But lately there was nothing.

"I do not know if it's because I came out and said my teeth, maybe they do not like it.

"I'm just so sorry for the boys, they are overlooked and I find it unfair.

"But good luck to you, I just hope my players play as they were and we can score against Hamilton."

Wright revealed that Danny Swanson is in doubt about the injury for the Accies game this afternoon and possibly beyond.

"Danny has a knee injury and will be out this weekend and needs to be examined," he said.

"I hope he will not be out long because I thought he played Hibs last weekend and did a really good job.

"Murray Davidson is back, but Steven Anderson and Brian Easton are still out there.

"Easty is making good progress, he is making good progress and the plan is to increase his work rate next week."

Fullback Richard Foster was equally confused that Clark was overlooked again.

"It's a strange thing, that's for sure," said the former ranger and Aberdeen.

"Zander has had a very good season and in the last four games I do not think there was anyone in better shape.

"There were times in the past when we thought he would be called, but it never happened, so this is just another one to add to the list.

"What is the view that players get recognition? It's like we do not do it, it's that easy.

"Look at that with Jason Kerr lately, he was not called for the U21 class because they wanted to get younger – and then they chose someone older than him.

"It's incredible.

"Jason plays for us every week and plays well. So it looks like you have no recognition for St. Johnstone.

"Aberdeen felt the same way until recently, they were second in the league and could hardly get anyone on the team.

"The Scottish managers tend to look south, and when they search in Scotland, it's pretty clear they're not looking here!"

Saints have won four games on the go, but Accies is not taken lightly, Foster insisted.

"This is a more dangerous game for us because there are four clean matches and four wins," he said.

"We can not settle for Hamilton is a good team that has done great lately.

"They'll be better than they used to be when I played them earlier. I think they have improved.

"We do not think of the five in a row. We accept each game as an individual and must show the same attitude we have lately. "

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