SSV Jahn Regensburg: More than a buffer

SSV Jahn Regensburg: More than a buffer

The second division side have been undefeated for seven games – in the middle of this winning streak, Adrian Fein has become a regular player.

When Adrian Fein trotted off the grass 20 minutes before the final whistle last Sunday, he had a busy day at work. Actually, it was almost amazing that Fein made his way to the outside line at full speed and did not crawl on all fours. When 1: 1 of his employer Jahn Regensburg against the 1st FC Union Berlin he had to take a lot. After half an hour, for example, he grabbed his mouth several times to test whether, after a hand wiper from Union Robert Zulj, all the teeth were still where they belonged. At the beginning of the second half, Akaki Gogia, his foot one and a half meters above the turf, rushed into him quite impetuously. Fine had to be treated.

The 19-year-old not only appeared as a buffer in the afternoon, but also as a footballer. The compensation by Jann George he prepared with a technically challenging pass. And also the biggest chance of the Regensburg in the second round he put on after an impulsive start. His appearance against Union left a not too bold conclusion: The midfielder has arrived in Regensburg and in the second division.

Adrian Fein came in the summer of Bayern Munich U23

The SSV Jahn Regensburg currently has an impressive run: For seven games, the team of coach Achim Beierlorzer is unbeaten – club record in the second division. The start of this series was the furious 5: 0 at Hamburger SV on the sixth matchday. This was followed by three points against Heidenheim and Duisburg. Last four consecutive draws against Fürth, Darmstadt, Bochum and Union. Fine, in the summer of the U23 FC Bayern Munich on loan for a year to Regensburg, managed the feat to earn in the midst of this defenseless series a place in the team. And this on a position that has been dominated by a duo at the Jahn for over two years: Marc Lais and Andreas Geipl. For the time being, Lais had to clear his place in central midfield for Fein.

"He is already very far as far as his knowledge of football is concerned," says his former coach at Bayern, Holger Seitz. "He understands things incredibly fast, and he's capable of doing well on the pitch." In Regensburg this was initially mainly the training ground. In the first three games in which Fein was in the squad, he came only to short-term operations. "I was aware of that from the beginning, I was clearly in the head," says Fein about the situation. "I knew I would get my chance."

This chance came on the ninth day of the game in 1-1 against Greuther Fürth. Fein convinced and was henceforth in every game in the starting eleven. That was actually the ulterior motive, why Fein was lent by Bayern to Regensburg: "I wanted to play at a high level regularly and in the second division I have the perfect conditions." Second Bundesliga instead of Regionalliga Bayern so. Union Berlin instead of FC Pipinsried. Fein is considered one of the greatest talents in German football and he wants to prove his skills in the professional field.

Fein is considered one of the greatest talents in German football

"He has his strengths in playing with ball," says Holger Seitz. Many players have learned to play the simple or risk-free ball, Adrian is one who recognizes the gaps, makes the pass to the front, or even into an offensive one-on-one. One-situation goes. " Seitz and also Fein see improvement in the defensive work: "Here I still have room for improvement, especially in the header game," says the native of Munich.

Regensburg has not lost a game with Fein on the pitch – but he has not won in the starting eleven. That should change this Sunday at the game in Magdeburg (13.30 clock): "If we get our game, our chances are good," says Fein. "Of course we want to win, even if that will be a difficult game." And coach Beierlorzer: "This is a very, very important game for us, we can reach 20 points, but we know how difficult that will be in Magdeburg."

Fine's long-term pursuit goes far beyond Magdeburg. "Of course my goal is that someday I'll get a chance with Bayern in the first team," says Fein. Seitz, who trained him in Munich for almost two years, Fein also trusts the jump to the first team. He was convinced of that: "He has great qualifications for the game idea of ​​FC Bayern Munich, namely to dominate the game with ball." Fine can be one of the players the club is waiting for. Adrian Fein has already proven that he can take advantage of opportunities.


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