For the third time in this English week, the SpVgg falls behind – and brings in Großaspach the third draw. Coach Schromm is satisfied, but lamented the next failure.

By Stefan Galler, Unterhaching

The glass can always be described as either half full or half empty, depending on how one views a situation. Claus Schromm, the coach of the football third division SpVgg Unterhaching, decided after the 1: 1 of his team at the SG Sonnenhof Großaspach, the third draw of the Red-Blue in a week, for the optimistic interpretation: "If one in an English week Three times behind and not losing any of these three games, then you have to be happy with that, even if not a single victory has come out. "

And yet, the coach, who knows so well with his chubby way, even at press conferences after away games to entice the opposing coaches and club officials charming, this time in at best subdued mood. The reason was the recent injury of one of his players: Maximilian Bauer had to leave the field 20 minutes before the end of the game because of a Schulterblessur. Apparently Schromm fears another long-term failure, after already Jim-Patrick Müller (muscle tear) and since the derby against the lions last Wednesday and captain Josef Welzmüller (cruciate ligament tear) are out of action. "It's just a bit massive," Schromm said a little touched and added: "I keep my fingers crossed for the boys, that we will eventually become more."

No Hain, no party: In Großaspach, Unterhaching striker Stephan Hain (right) proved once more his worth – not only as a tireless duelist like here against Sebastian Bösel, but also with his core competence as a top scorer. He succeeded the late goal to 1: 1 compensation.

(Photo: imago / foto2press)

The team paid their already operated on Friday captain Welzmüller on Saturday in Großaspach tribute by putting his jersey in the team before the kick-off in their midst. Apparently this gesture further motivated the men from the Munich suburb, because they set off immediately: At the beginning of an attempt by Orestis Kiomourtzoglu was blocked (6), then Aspach goalkeeper Kevin Broll parried the first close of Hachings center forward Stephan Hain after passing by Luca Marseiler (13th). Shortly thereafter, Hain licked a forward rushing player of the hosts from the ball, slipped away briefly, scrambled up and served Dominik Widemann, whose degree, however, failed to place. "In this phase, we actually have to take the lead," grumbled coach Schromm later.

But suddenly the last harmless Großaspacher were awake, a header by Philipp Hercher after flank of Sebastian Bösel SpVgg goalkeeper Lukas Königshofer fended off brilliantly (22), then targeted Bösel free-standing over it. The third attempt was finally in: After a cross by Korbinian Burger, who had once played in TSV 1860 and Bayern, Hercher let the ball drip from the chest, and of all Marco Hingerl, trained to U17 at Haching, hammered him flat 18 meters off the post into the goal (41.) – the first Großaspacher goal after a 395 minutes lasting offensive lull.

Needed: Unterhachings coach Claus Schromm goes after the final whistle with the referee in the depth analysis.

(Photo: imago / foto2press)

The Hachinger worked if this third 0: 1 residue within a few days already a little bit knocked. At the beginning of the second half they had not caught again. It lacked the ordering hand, because apart from the long-term injured in Grossaspach also the slightly ailing Lucas Hufnagel is not there, the machinist in Haching midfield, the Schromm often referred to as "king transfer", because he is so important for the balance between offensive and defensive ,

And so the guests had to be glad that Kiomourtzoglu showed great positional play when he cleared a strong shot from Yannick Thermann with a spectacular header on his own goal line (56.). Only then did the Red-Blue rally to their feet again. After substitute Maximilian Krauß's substitute, Hain pulled past a long-range attempt and a few minutes later he failed with a header to goalkeeper Broll. And then Thomas Hagn tried with an arc lamp from 35 meters, which could defuse the posted far in front of his chest Broll only thanks to a spirited sprint back to the line. In the 75th minute, Stefan Schimmer, who was still over-acclaimed on Wednesday against sixty-year-old Sagittarius for the late 1-1 draw, almost missed out on a drowsiness in Großaspach's defense.

Four minutes later, the Hachinger salvation followed, after preliminary work by Hagn and Widemann Hain let out another opponent and shot from the left into the right corner – again Haching had equalized late. It could have been more, but the header of Christoph Greger Broll fought off spectacular (83.). Or less, but a shot by Timo Röttger parried Königshofer in added time (90 + 3).

And so the jar of Schromm remained half full, though his team did not win for the fourth time in a row: "The derby on Wednesday was very emotional, so great respect for today's performance."



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