Min.66: Möhwald comes with the ball in control, there is room enough and this uses a well-shot shot over 25 yards, but Rensing is alert and fast in his left corner.58. Min .: On the other hand, Werder is now lucky. Hennings comes the ball in a half-a-way stand against white-white players, and Pavlenka is almost surprised by an arc light that goes directly to the top ends of the upper corner.71. Min: TOOOOOOOOOOOR, 2: 1 for SVW, Martin Harnik. Werder operates the renewal leadership! Kaminski gives half-high Kruse from left to directly into the reserve center, from where Johannes Eggestein plays a new role in danger, Rensing can only achieve a technical unlawful shot, which uses Harnik instead the Abstauber decisive.
78th Min: TOOOOOOOOOOOR, 3: 1 for SVW, Josh Sargent. It is only crazy, just a few seconds than the United States of 18 years of age on the Bundesliga model and doubled the ball from a few inches above the line; The Harniks made great use of Klaassen cross from the left corner of the box. Min: Puuuuh, almost the link immediately, because the Green Whites are uncomfortable after the resume. Lukebakio is half-left alone, but he fails due to the great protection of Pavlenka. In the direct return, then there's 4: 1 on Kruse, but Rensing is getting great .90. + 4 minutes: finish in Bremen! Werder was nothing in the final minutes and earned earnings at home.

Conclusion: Werder went with an accelerated accelerator of a business in the game, so that the minimum expected and appropriate location for Dusseldorf's confusing sites could not find themselves in safeguarding form. Florian Kohfeldt was originally the first tactical order of 4-4-2 competitive alignments with middle diamonds, designed in the persistent stages of continuous continuous change. Above all, Rashica and the Kruse took her back to heart, kept moving and changing back and forth between the headquarters and the outside. This was the two direct salesmen who made the way almost smooth for the great goal of Möhwald's leadership. However, the hosts went dirty to break the cab, because they had to swallow in spite of commanding the bitter equalizer from the penalty spot. The Fortune made much more action after the resumption. Meanwhile, Werder lost momentum and power the first round between. But Kruse fought and Co. back sharply and broke the scepter again. Three Kohfeldt representatives, especially the cold cold Martin Harnik, were central to keeping the three points in Bremen.


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