Slutsky: Lawyer – the best coach in the history of "Zenith"

Leonid Slutsky, Vitesse's main coach, on the eve of the 12th round of the Dutch Championship's home contest, gave his opinion on Ditk Advocaat, the Utrecht committee.
"I know Dick well, because he is very popular in Russia. The lawyer is the best coach in the history of Zenith. He only won the Russian Championship, but won the UEFA Cup and Cup.
I remember our first game in Russia. Then we connect – 0: 0. It's nice to meet again, but the upcoming meeting is "Vitesse" and "Utrecht", and it is not our opposition.
I asked a lawyer three months before I started working in the Netherlands. I had a lot of questions, and he answered them politically. Dick said it was a great challenge for me to work in this championship.
Vitessa and Utrecht need glasses. They have a very good team, some games are seen. I think we can win, "Omroep Gelderland Slutsky quotes.
"Utrecht", 18 years, takes place 5th in the Eredivisia station, "Vitesse" (15) – 8th.
The "Vitesse" – "Utrecht" is held in Arnhem at the "Gelredom" stadium on November 10 and starts at the time of 21 Moscow.

Slutsky sent me to the journalist, confusing an English word during interview


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