Sick in the game: Hummels criticism

Sick in the game: Hummels criticism

He came into the game, there was light worry – and then he left the place in advance. Hummels had experience when he returned to the place of activity on Saturday night to forget it. On one, the Bayern lost despite its 2: 3 (1: 0) strongest performance in the lead of the Borussia Dortmund series. In another case, because Hummels would not be better. BVB – Bayern: One criticism of the Bundesliga images Kracher30 "I was sick today," said the 29-year-old age where he replaced the 65 minutes when he made a way for Niklas Süle. (At a glance of all the results) On Friday, he found the central health of defendants "a little", on Saturday "then right", as Hummels said: "I have to try out that game, of course , of course. First of all, I'm going to go personally. "Highlights of the game in the Bundesliga Pur on Sunday from 9.30 clocks on TV and STÁR on World SPORTS1 on the Hummels-biting but just back back – to personal and your Bayern.10. Moment: Hummels is the last man who misses a ball on the middle line. Dortmund counters, through Marco Reus free finals, Manuel Neuer just parried. Moment: Hummels throw again without protecting the ball at the center line. Sancho press the accelerator, Hummels do not come after. The English is serving Paco Alcacer, but Jerome Boateng is in the last minute with them. Niko Kovac knew "In both scenes you can see that my head was not enough, otherwise it was ok, it did not happen to me since 2010 That's why I said after the second time that It makes no sense, "Hummels said self-critical. "For the first time I was lucky that there was no goal." Everything for the 11th round in the Sunday Bundesliga from 11 clocks in the "double CHECK24" pass on SPÓIRT1 with the Max Eberl and Stefan EffenbergNike Kovac guests on the Health on the defendant's decision? Yes, Hummels responded to himself to be fun. "The coaches knew, of course, I'm angry I did not say half the time I'm going out, it was all unhealthy and blurry," Hummels put down his condition. And what does Niko Kovac say? "He said that our doctors cure him, half-time, that he was right, so I put it back. If he was saying he would not work, I would like to have it half -ama taken out. "Kurios thinks criticism of Matthew's practices: Niklas Süle was sitting on the bench – healthy and rested as he did not play against Athens on Wednesday. Süle replacement had a cold start 20 minutes after the resumption. Two minutes later, the Hummels replacement acted passionately against Marco Reus, who scored 2-2 (67). Alcacer scored a 3-2 final score (73 minutes). (Bundesliga Table) DISPLAY: Buy a new Dortmund or Bavaria jumper now – this goes to practicing ShopSky, Lothar Matthäus expert at Hummels, which clearly means: "In such a game you need a fighter who fights and physically in one. You would have an equal representative of the tribunal with Süle, who may have less experience, but also a German national player. This decision does not need to be understood. "The ZDF expert decided , Oliver Kahn reported that Hummels had a disease after the game at all themes. "You have to ask yourself: what's going on in the players?" Bayern's former keeper said in the current sports studio: "I do not have to stand as a player and say I was sick or something. no matter whatsoever. "In any case he is interested: Before the international breaks, Dortmund has now developed seven points on Bayern.Hummels but he does not see the championship champion has yet to be done. – notwithstanding the evening he personally used: "We need to do our job and build on the first and part of the second half over the next week." , The

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