Should Jalen Hurts begin CFP after recovering from Tagovailoa? - Touchdown Alabama magazine

Should Jalen Hurts begin CFP after recovering from Tagovailoa? - Touchdown Alabama magazine

Since Jalen Hurts Alabama won 35-28 against South Georgia in the Southeastern Conference title game, Tua Tagovailoa has undergone an ankle surgery and is now recovering.

After head coach Nick Saban, he said after the match Tagovailoa had his ankle "controlled by the team doctors and it would be a two-week ordeal."

Although the injury was not too severe and the sophomore did not have the same procedure Hurts had met at the beginning of this season, it still remains to be considered whether Tagovailoa is ready to start against Oklahoma in the semifinal of the College Football playoffs.

The matchup will take place on Saturday, December 29, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

It is expected that Tagovailoa will play, especially with the fact that he has weakened it through the whole season through pain, but do not be surprised if Hurts gets the nod to start.

In the event that the native Hawaiian does not adapt to the process as quickly as hoped, it would not be in the best interest of the Crimson Tide to prepare hurts as well as possible.

Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts throws a pass against Georgia in the second half of the Southeastern Conference Championship game of 2018: John David Mercer – USA TODAY Sports

After the Tide meeting with Tennessee on October 20, the following week, Hurts had an ankle operation. The junior had a week-long goodbye and did not play against the LSU or the state of Mississippi. He had something to do with Citadel and Auburn, and after the SEC's title game, Hurts had two months to recover.

He proved in the last week that he can appear after his call and lead the team to victory.

Hurts completed seven of nine passes for 82 yards – including a 10-yard touchdown in which Jerry Jeudy even scored 28 points. His glittering 15-yard score reminded of his entry-level year against Clemson in the CFP National Championship Game to start 2017 (season 2016). Hurts gave the Tide the lead in the game and defeated the Bulldogs in Atlanta to earn a conference title.

Alabama has not trained since the title game, but is working to make some players healthy – especially in defense with Isaiah Buggs, Terrell Lewis and Christopher Allen.

Once the sessions are back up, all eyes will be on Tagovailoa and his ability to successfully maneuver and place his feet in his pocket. If he looks like his old self, the former five-star will lead the program against the Sooners.

If not, prepare for Hurts to conquer the field.

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