Europa League. Group tournament 4th round. "Bordeaux" – "Zenith" – 1: 1
Zenit's caretaker was careful to evaluate the outcome of the 4th round of the European League group with Bordeaux (1: 1), and he spoke in detail about the unusual teaming arrangement

Gosha Chernov from Bordeaux
"A difficult start with the game," began Semak. – It's likely to have a later impact at speed. We did not look the best way before the goal was agreed, but after we started playing stronger, and in the second half we were even able to get the score. At the end of the year, they were not happy enough, there were many assaults fast, they could win, but many did not win. The product is acceptable.
– Why did you choose the 5-3-2 scheme?
– Because players have a strong attack on the opponent – technically and quickly. Nabiullinu and Anyukov would be with them.
– Why was Mamman a defender, and Mevlya was on the right side?
– This is the usual post for Mevli. It was easier to play that way. Micah was playing very well.
– Do you intend to rely on this scheme in the future, and not only when it will cause it to happen?
– Such a scheme should be in our Arsenal, as we have core protectors, and the fighters are not always adequate. There was no time to play the scheme, but he knows a lot, the players were good. There were difficulties with the speed of movement, but otherwise everything is fine. All learners who are learning and copying.
– Did you be surprised that the stadium was not full?
– I was not surprised, because we saw the previous games of "Bordeaux" in the Europa Series. Unfortunately, a small fan goes with the team of the games.
– In the 3-5-2 scheme, not just defendants, but attackers can also play on the grounds. Why did you decide to release Nabiullina with Anyukov, and not Shatov with Mac?
– We released the Mac in the second half. If they did not score, they would be more attacking on the other side. We have both options. But the attacks must better learn this scheme, so that they do not create a risk, especially when they are acting in defense.
– You gave the rest of Dzuba and Ivanovich. Kuzyaev stayed in stock. Does this mean that you still remember the game with CSKA and consider it more important than the game with Bordeaux?
– Dziuba is damaged. We see how serious it is. Artem did not have any training. And we are watching closely for Ivanovich. We decided not to put it on, because it was very tired. He plays a lot, he must break. And we are always preparing for the next game. From this time, we are preparing for CSKA.
Eric Bedoué: Zenit is a powerful club
"Zenit is a very good team," said the coach Bordeaux head. – Perhaps the difference between us is in the experience. Zenit players have more experience of games in such competitions, but we must continue to attack and avoid mistakes. There were scoring chances, but there was not enough concentration and pressure. We will continue to work on these components.
"Did you surprise that Marchisio went to Russia, and not on France?"
– No. Why should I surprise this? This is a great player. And this is a powerful club.
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