Second League: Ballet in the Upper Palatinate

Second League: Ballet in the Upper Palatinate

The Cologne Simon Terodde scores his 20th goal of the season after only 16 matchdays. His goal paves the way for 1. FC Köln to make it 3-1 against Jahn Regensburg.

From Johannes Kirchmeier, Regensburg

Jhon Cordoba sent a pass into the box. And after 28 minutes, it seemed to be time again: Before the Regensburg goal assorted the Cologne attacker Simon Terodde his feet quickly, then shot with his right. In his mind, he probably put his flat hand on his forehead at that moment – but he did not hit. Shortly after the break, the scene repeated itself: Terodde shot there in the penalty area from the turn next to it. Everything does not succeed. What is in these days in the second Bundesliga almost a message rather than the opposite.

Because even at SSV Jahn Regensburg Terodde, 30, greeted once again with his hand on his forehead. After only ten minutes, he showed his striking, remarkably introverted goal celebrations since he once sought his parents for a hit in the stands. With his 20th goal of the season after only 16 matchdays, Terodde paved the way for the 3-1 (2-0) win against the Regensburgers, who had been undefeated ten times before. He is the first player in the second division to score 20 goals in three seasons. Of course he registered his good form, he said afterwards and grinned, but "that the team still wins is even better, we got stuck on top".

The 1. FC Cologne walk further ahead in the table, is one point behind Hamburger SV and six before the rest. The Bundesliga return of the two relegated moves closer to the winter break, why the Cologne fans early on their "For if et Trömmelche jeht "tuned – and so a touch of carnival spread in the urban time in the Upper Palatinate.

It's always a challenge anyway to stop the formidable Cologne offensive, the Regensburg coach Achim Beierlorzer "a board" calls, but more reminiscent of a ballet and actually too good for this league: Dominick Drexler sent before the 1: 0 a dream pass from the midfield on Terodde, who had thus escaped all Regensburg. He left SSV goalkeeper Philipp Pentke no chance with his shot in the short corner.

Hits were programmed anyway. With a goal difference of 15: 1 from three games against Dresden, Darmstadt and Fürth Cologne arrived already. And the team increased the lead before the break by the interaction of two players, the coach Markus beginning brought from Kiel at the start of the season: defender Rafael Czichos chipped the ball to Drexler, who also hit the short corner from a few meters (41. Minute).

But Regensburg has a team that "never gives up", as the beginning before the game said. This proved the team, the first closed the ball fought and then by Sargis Adamyan low shot scored the 1: 2 (54). "Such games can then tip over," Anfang said. "But we made the 3-1 in return, that was very, very important for us." From the kick off the Cologne fit right back into the box, Cordoba hit only the bottom of the bar, the rebound shot Drexler into the gate – the catching up had stopped the FC. Later, the Jahn defense boss Marcel Correia saw the red card (89).

Terodde did not want to score a goal. But if he only ruddy continues to meet, he should come close to the second division record of Horst Hrubesch in this season (41 hits in the season 1977/78). If there were not the Cologne assault selection: The FC had recently brought back his former Bundesliga goalkeeper Anthony Modeste. At the moment, there is still no game clearance for him, but at the latest in the second half of the season, the club should be able to use the French again. The Cologne opponents can only hope that the two scorers then just stand in the way.


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