San Cristóbal announced in a statement that he withdrew his membership card from a club fan identified as the author of commentaries and disrespectful to referee Ainara Acevedo, responsible for directing the party of the terrorists against the Llagostera of 1 November and corresponding to the Third Division. The party was directed for the first time in the history of the category for an entirely feminine arbitration trio, formed by the collegiate Ainara Acevedo and those attending Matilde Esteves and Ylenia Sánchez, and the former San Cristobal associate sent them a comment on sexist movements such as "Go on scrub".

On the day of the game, images disseminated by La Sexta revealed that in commentators and commentators, male and female insults were uttered, although they were not recorded in the arbitration proceedings. San Cristóbal also stressed that they were isolated, but despite that he decided to intervene and expel the amateur who insulted the arbitration team. In his community, the Terrassa club indicates that the identified partner was sorry and accepted any penalty that was decided to impose him. At the moment the card has been removed and access to the municipal stadium of Ca n'Anglada is prohibited this season, and at the beginning of the next the file will be reviewed.



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