Samedov and Melgarejo will lose the game against "Akhmat"

Samedov and Melgarejo will lose the game against "Akhmat"

11:47 September 16, 2018


Moscow, September 16. Alexander Samedov and Lorenzo Melgarejo will lose the seventh round of the Russian football championship against "Akhmat". Chief Spartak Massimo Carrera coached the corresponding information. The Spartak Trainer Alexander Samadov and the Lorenzo Melgarejo striker train according to the individual program, TASS reports.
"Training today, Melgarejo and Samedov alone because of muscle fatigue. We have many games, so they are other," said Carrera.
Please note that the game "Spartacus" against Grozny "Akhmat" in the seventh round of Russian championship will be held at the "Opening-Arena" on Sunday, September 16.

Ksenia Pudovka


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