• Team Europa wins the 42nd edition of the Ryder Cup. The actually favored team from the USA loses again on European soil.
  • The decisive point brings the Italian Franscesco Molinari. His opponent Phil Mickelson hits the ball into the water.
  • Tiger Woods is one of the disappointments of the weekend.

From Gerald Kleffmann, Paris

At just before 5 pm, after three days of great blows, annoying mistakes, endless debates and debates about the debates, there was one last question that had to be clarified in terms of sport: Who will win the victory putt? The Italian Francesco Molinari? Or the Swede Henrik Stenson? Europe had bravely claimed in thrilling singles to let the US approach. But then some reared up. One point was missing. And then what happened to the week of the Americans happened: Phil Mickelson, five-time champion and only thanks to one Captain's pick, slipped a wildcard into the team, although very out of shape, hit the ball on the 16th track against Molinari into the water. And dropped the duel. With 4 & 2 (four hole gains lead on two tracks to be played) he lost. There was no need for a last putt.

And immediately began the party of the team of Europe. In the Ryder Cup, this unique team competition in the individual sport of golf, in which twelve players from Europe and the USA fight for victory every two years. The defending champion, who triumphed in 2016 in Hazeltine, Minnesota, was torn from the 42nd Ryder Cup. "We knew we were the outsider," said Englishman Ian Poulter, again in impressive form, as always in this event, "that only motivated us more." Winners like the two-day Tommy Fleetwood were carried on fans' shoulders. Tens of thousands had pilgrimage to the club Le Golf National near Paris. Champagne splashed. Some losers looked sadly like St. Bernard. Tiger Woods was one of the disappointed. He had also disappointed.

Thunder god against Captain America

Who will win the Ryder Cup? Europe's golfers rely on their emotional leaders, the United States hopes Tiger Woods. The teams and players at a glance.

By Gerald Kleffmann

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Sunday offered exactly the tension for which the Ryder Cup, which has existed since 1927, is famous. After two days it had been 10: 6 for Europe. For the closing day, Americans' hopes were fueled by the knowledge of being able to build on the individual strengths of the players in the individual games. The nerves, especially in the US media, but had been porous since Friday, when Europe turned a 1: 3 in a 5: 3 lead and left until Sunday the better impression. In Molinari and the Englishman Tommy Fleetwood it had the best duo, the first time in European history four times in the four-size formats and won four times. The golf world celebrated her as Moliwood, Also crucial: The four picks, the four, the team captain Thomas Björn nach-nominated by Wildcard, each achieved until Sunday at least one point and six together (Paul Casey, Sergio Garcia, Stenson, Poulter). The four US picks scratched a single point together (Tony Finau won on Friday with Brooks Koepka); empty were Mickelson, Woods and Bryson DeChambeau. "We were played," said US captain Jim Furyk.

Too few shone in the US. Woods suffered a shame with three defeats and was already "pissed" on Saturday. Patrick Reed, nicknamed Captain America because, like Poulter, he has an extroverted passion for the Ryder Cup, acted like a lamb. He should have taken rubber boots, his balls were often in the water. The desperation went so far that the US channel Golfchannel conjured natural powers. There was a full moon over Paris this week – as in 1999 and 2012 during the Ryder Cups in Brookline and Medinah. What happened then? Both times, a team converted a 6:10 into a win. Once the US succeeded, once Europe. At 12:05 clock beat Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas from the first. It was supposed to show if the moon was working.

Now it was called man against man, who needs less punches to poke the ball wins the hole. 18 holes are played. If the lead is greater than the number of holes remaining to play, it's over. For the US, this means: "We want to make a quick start," demanded Furyk. Red should light up on the display. Red for the USA. "We have to look at us," said Björn, who led Blau. And so began the usual procedure on single days: blue and red popped up, sometimes here, sometimes there, the advantages alternated. At first there was more red. Then more blue. Somehow, Europe had to collect four and a half points, four wins and a draw. The US needed eight points. The defending champion has 14 of the 28 points awarded.

Officially, the organizers sold 51,000 tickets for Sunday, the masses looked more like 100,000. Everything was trampled to catch a glimpse. Was moaned in the left rear nirvana, was cheered on the right front of the bunker. Björn like Furyk had placed their heavyweights up front in the order of the starters. Hoping the best score quickly. Initially, when all 24 players were out on the Albatross Course, the blue-red ratio was 7-2 (with the draw). Then: 6: 5. Then: 4: 5. 4. 6 Red was strong. Justin Thomas was the first to score a point, the last hole he managed to win (1 on). McIlroy had previously slammed the ball into the water. "I'd like to see more red," Thomas said. He got it. First, his US colleague Brooks Koepka saved with a dream bunker hit half a point against Paul Casey. Then: 3 & 2 win for Webb Simpson vs. Justin Rose. Then: 6 & 4 win for Tony Finau against Fleetwood. In the first statements, winners and losers were always respectful of each other. With all one-sided grunts of the fans that is also important to know.

Now the decisions fell like dominoes: The Dane Thorbjörn Olesen fabricated the biggest surprise point for Europe, 5 & 4 against the three-time Major Champion Jordan Spieth. Score 11.5: 9.5. Everything was possible for both teams. The Spaniard Jon Rahm, blessed with a cross like a cupboard, shone against Woods and missed the 42-year-old's fourth defeat in four matches. And Poulter was Poulter. A volcano that delivered. 2-on-victory against Johnson. The momentum was finally down. Mickelson did Europe the decisive favor. In the euphoria Garcia (2 & 1 against Ricky Fowler), Stenson (5 & 4 against Bubba Watson) and the Swede Alex Noren (1 against against DeChambeau) took the last points. Suddenly the result of 17.5: 10.5 was a humiliation for the US. But Europe cost the moment. "The night will be long and humid," Stenson assured.

Europe wins the Ryder Cup

The 42nd edition of the Ryder Cup goes to Team Europe. The Italian Francesco Molinari gets the decisive victory in the duel against the USA. For Tiger Woods, the contest ends in disaster.




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