Ryan Tannehill kicks huddle rookie for missing block

Ryan Tannehill kicks huddle rookie for missing block

Ryan Tannehill performed well in his first action after losing the entire 2017 campaign with a knee injury. Charles Trainor Jr./Miami Herald / TNS via Getty Images DAVIE, Fla. – Sometimes, a player's vocal leadership is better than receiving instructions from a coach. In the practice of Miami Dolphins Sunday, surprisingly, Ryan Tannehill gave a pair of samples of that leadership when he yelled at rookie Kalen Ballage and pulled him out of the huddle, after the runner failed his blocking assignment, which resulted in a clean catch by Charles Harris. The typically quiet Tannehill momentarily stopped practice to show his disappointment with Ballage. Later in the session, the passer continued to explain his point to the rookie, who seemed to receive the criticism positively. It was somewhat unusual to see that attitude of Tannehill, but the Dolphins may need that fierce attitude if they want to meet the expectations of getting a ticket to Playoffs. Coach Adam Gase was happy with the leadership that Tannehill showed and said it was appropriate for him to react the way he did. "It would have bothered me if I were him (Tannehill), because he knows what the result would have been in a game. . It sure would have been painful for him, "Gase said. "When he does things like that, it's good for our offense." If you want to receive the best information from the sports world, download the App now.
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Tannehill was not available to the press after the practice. Ballage did not take the issue personally and said he understands that he still has things to learn about the Dolphins scheme. Remember that Tannehill lost the entire 2017 campaign due to a cruciate anterior cruciate ligament. In the first preparation match of 2018, Tannehill saw his first action since 2016 in a brief but solid performance with the Dolphins' offensive against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sunday's was a good practice for the Dolphins, but the most important result may have been the most recent example of Tannehill trying to motivate the team and not waiting for the coaches to blame other players. "You can not get a player out of the huddle all the time. You can not scream all the time and have big discussions, "Gase said. "It's a feeling, it's synchronicity, knowing what is the right moment to say, 'We're not good, we need someone else here.' (Tannehill) was correct in what he did. "

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