Russia's most productive football player plays the Czech Championship

Russia's most productive football player plays the Czech Championship

Who are we talking about?
About Nikolay Komlichenko. The person is 23 years old with Krasnodar and acts for a loan to Mlad Boleslav. In this season of the Czech Republic championship in eight matches, he scored eight. Today, Russian badges have distinguished himself in the game away with "Jablonec" and first came to the list of the best scorers in the series. In addition, it assists in two assets. By the way, the old football player of "Friendship" and "Kuban" is Nikolai Komlichenko, from the native Krasnodar District.

In fact, this is the third lease for the Czech Republic in the center of the inverter striker, which grows 190 cm. In the summer of 2016 he left six months in Slovan from Liberec. He played 21 games for this team in various games and scored seven goals. And the European League was more effective than the Czech Republic championship! The last season was 2017/18 in "Mlada Boleslav": 21 games, four goals. During the summer, the Czech "Krasnodar" club offered to lease the Russian legionary lease with a right of redemption. Provided, of course, if Komlichenko himself agrees a full-comprehensive transition.

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It's just far beyond.
Why is not it in Krasnodar?
Now, when Fedor Smolov left the club in Krasnodar, Komlichenko was a major attacker on the bulls. He went to this goal step by step. The "youth" of "Krasnodar", and in 2013, made his first time in the farm club in the second section. The following year, he was allowed to go to the base: Nikolai went on four times to replace Premier League games. Following a draw to "Tomyu" (1: 1), Sergey Galitsky praised the young man who participated in the scoring attack in "Twitter": "The only comfort of the academy, Komlichenko, who was born in 1995, is from Krasnodar and practically from the beginning of academy education. He plays well, but it's too early to assess, of course, it is only 18 years and 8 months old. I did not think we would succeed anything from this age, since they are only 4.5-5 years of age. "
However, Galitsky and FC "Krasnodar" began the first pupil of the Ilya Zhigulev midfielder academy. They say that they did this for whip up Komlichenko. Czech leases need to be hardened by the attacker.
Nikolay made three Russian youth and youth teams. He won the title of the best scorer of the "South" zone of the second division in 2016. Returning from the "Slovan", he was preparing for the second half of the 2016/17 season. However, he did not play. Coach chief Igor Shalimov explained: "Komlichenko invented a special program, because it will be more powerful and co-ordinated to compete for a place in front. According to Shalimov, the winner was "heavy".
What does Comlichenko say?
In another part in Komlichenko himself – he did not have an opportunity in the hometown club.
"I agree that I lost six months after returning to" Krasnodar "from" Slovan ", – confessed Nicholas. – Half-year did not take a good level, except for the second team. Of course, this did not go to my advantage. I realize that Fedya Smolov is the main striker. He played, scoring in almost every game. Maybe I was not. But you could replace some games.
I think that chance could be given. But this is the coach's business (Shalimov), he decided so. Did you have any support? The first time Then everything came neutral. I was engaged in a gym as told me that I had to add all aspects, because I did not match the main team. I understand that I'm not a player of the main line. He worked every day, and management and coaches made decisions. They know better. No problems. "
Earlier, in November 2016, when Komlichenko was in "Slovan", he spoke in an interview for the "Championship" due to his chance to enter the first Russian national team:
"Stanislav Cherchesov would have a great deal of life at home, so you have to score in each game. Vaughn, Smolov in every game score, has no question , he stays calmly for the team. In my opinion, Fedya is the best striker in Russia now. And for me, you must add it, jump on. And then everything is true! "
Now Cherchesov is likely to be closely with the Russian scout from the Czech Republic championship.

"I want to return to Krasnodar" as a contestant with Smolov "
In the 5th round of the group's phase LE "Slovan" "Garabagh" hit. The main character was Nikolai Komlichenko, the Russian striker, who took the double.

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