Russian national team awarded trophy for victory at European Championships in summer sports - Sport

Russian national team awarded trophy for victory at European Championships in summer sports - Sport

GLASGO / United Kingdom /, 12 August. / TASS /. The ceremony of awarding the Russian national team was held, which won the medal standings of the first ever united European championship in summer Olympic sports. It was held in the central square of Glasgow, in which most of the tournament awards were played.

The awarding ceremony was attended by Russian gymnasts, who won the team tournament on Saturday, and on the final day of the competition they brought several more awards in separate types. The active world champions in synchronized diving from the three-meter springboard Evgeny Kuznetsov and Ilya Zakharov, who won their crown discipline and at the European Championships, also took part in the celebration. Get the award went out Zakharov and gymnast Arthur Dalaloyan.

The Russian team won 66 medals – 31 gold, 19 silver and 16 bronze medals. The trophy of the European Championships Trophy is a 650 mm high and 400 mm wide cup standing on a 22-carat gold foundation.

At the European Championships medals were played in swimming, synchronized swimming, swimming in open water, diving, artistic gymnastics, cycling, cycling, mountain biking, BMX, golf, rowing, triathlon and track and field.

The greatest number of medals of the Russian national team was brought by swimmers, who set a record for the number of awards at the European championships in the history of the tournament, surpassing the achievement of the USSR team. Traditionally, the team on synchronized swimming, which won eight of the nine gold awards (in the combined program, it did not perform) also successfully performed.

Without medals, Russian athletes remained in the cycling, mountain biking, triathlon and golf. In the latter in this list of sports they did not participate at all. Medals of Russian athletes did not go into the overall standings of the Russian national team, because at the competitions held in Berlin they performed in neutral status due to the disqualification of the national federation.




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