Rubiales asks Barça and Girona to "realize" that they can not play in Miami

Rubiales asks Barça and Girona to "realize" that they can not play in Miami

The president of the Spanish Soccer Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, has once again closed the door to the possibility that Girona-Barça disputes in Miami and has asked that both the clubs and La Liga "realize" that They do not support any of the institutions that must validate this proposal.

Rubiales has said that "it is time to go no further" with this party, in statements made after attending the club assembly for the first time. "It's time for the clubs to see that none of the institutions that have to give ok has done so. I hope the clubs know how to realize it in time."

Rubiales insisted that "a party with a local headquarters can not get out of the country" and commented that: "If there were arguments, we asked La Liga to convince us, we would have valued the possibility."

On the other hand, the president of the RFEF has admitted to have rejected "a millionaire offer from the same company to bring the Super Cup in Miami", although it has left open the possibility that the next edition will be debated, again, always to play for a single game.

"There has been a change of regulation that allows the final to be a double match or a single game. If it is a double match it would be impossible. And if it is a single game and the circumstances are given, we would study it," says Rubiales, who is It refers to the prior agreement of the participating clubs in the competition.


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