"We have competed as a great team. It's one of the days that I'm most proud of my team. We have seen a great game, we are proud but sad, "Rubi explained after Espanyol fell by the minimum to the field of Sevilla (2-1). The Spanish coach has celebrated the attitude with which his team has faced a high-level event: "For me the team will always win and that will always be the mentality." The technician justified the changes, offensive, arguing that he considered that they could "do the second".

Asked about the possibilities of his team to finish the course in noble positions, Rubi explained that he sees his men "competing" to be there after a third of the League. "But there are transatlantic behind, let's see how long we can stand. Today we are not feeling too inferior to anyone, "he pointed out. The Maresmenc defended the party plan raised in Sánchez Pizjuán: " I think it was a good start, but it took 90 minutes and we did not score on some of the occasions we could have finished better. I think there has been a great Spaniard. We have been competing with you with a more budget team. "

Rubi pointed out that, to the goal of the tie, he came from the corner, "he was quite controlled. The game was going where we wanted and the corner came. Then, in the round trip we could have made the 1-2, but we have made the 2-1. " Asked about the possible penalty against Sergio García, the coach acknowledged that "it's missing or has been pulled out". "What I have clear is that the defense has not hit the ball at any time. We have reviewed it and we respect it and we accept it sportily, "he added.


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