Series A Analysis differences between them Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo Nazario. Although they designate a name, Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo could not be more different in terms of their approach, Brazil has claimed. Indeed, one of the key things that they set up is their training and retention approach. "They are different in terms of our position on the field and our way to interpret the game, even if Cristiano is playing stronger now," said Ronaldo by La Gazzetta dello Sport. "It's a different way to go the goal is to be respected, even if we were aiming for the goal. "I think we are so proud of our goal of scoring goals but there is no coincidence that Cristiano has been 33 years old, 39: achieve age in this kind. "There are so many players who care for their bodies as it does and that they so much desire to improve them." I'm not saying that the way We're going to train the opposite but it's definitely different. "I trained as I needed it, because it really loves it." Real Madrid also persisted go giv In different cases that were competing at the Both, they can not be compared with each other, and also recognize that the World Cup's productions in Baile an Oir year have a great deal in the decision of the product. "We've been nine years ago but the years in which we were very different," said the former international Brazilian. "I do not want to say that time was harder but there were cases Different teams with different teams. "As regards Ballon's Or, we have made the players clear and everyone recognizes, the results will be a prize. "In the World Cup, Luka Modric and Croatia were better than Portugal and Cristiano did."


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