Ronaldo and Juventus Turin: addicted to recognition and titles

Ronaldo and Juventus Turin: addicted to recognition and titles

Cristiano ronaldo is known as a football player who is looking for a lot of recognition. At Juventus they obviously understood that. On the weekend before the team's 3-1 home victory against Cagliari Calcio, club boss Andrea Agnelli provided the Portuguese with a jersey with the number 400 printed on it. Ronaldo scored so many goals overall as a professional in his club career. For the Italian record champion, for whom Ronaldo has been playing since the beginning of the season, there are only seven goals. But in Piedmont they know what they have about their Ronaldo. They cherish it and care for it, by all means, not only help 31 million euros annual salary, but also printed T-shirts, which should underline the uniqueness of this player.

Comparable to Ronaldo's craving for recognition, industrialist Agnelli has an urgent need to finally get the Champions League back to Turin. Juventus will host Manchester United in Turin on Wednesday (21.00 in the F.A.Z. Liveticker Champions League and DAZN). Ronaldo will encounter his former club, with whom he won his first title in 2008 in the most important international club competition. With Real Madrid, the 33-year-old repeated this success four times – and Ronaldo should shoot Juve for the title this season. The Italians have not won the Champions League since 1996. In this respect, there is great agreement between the player and the club. Both egos should come out big again.

At Real Madrid, his previous club, Ronaldo obviously did not feel indispensable. "If I do not support, want, feel wanted, I prefer to go, regardless of my age or salary," the striker recently reported to the magazine "France Football". Juve really wanted him, that was the reason for his change. So if you like, there are two that need each other. Ronaldo needs Juve to feel great, and Juve needs Ronaldo to finally reach the top in Europe after seven national championships and two finals in 2015 and 2017. In Serie A, Juventus seems to be running away from the competition again this year. The championship leader leads the table with six points ahead of Inter Milan and SSC Napoli, Ronaldo is at the center of most of the action and is revered as a superstar.

Affection and admiration are "the fuel to get the best footballer in the world to work," wrote the Turin sports newspaper "Tuttosport" these days. In the same article was then logically also talk of how extremely professional and committed Ronaldo behave in training. "Rarely did the club bosses have to deal with such a professional," praised the sheet. That is the superficial consideration of the Ronaldo personality in Turin. In the background is currently powerful dirt stirred up, apparently an unavoidable side effect of the shine.

The successful series Ronaldos in Madrid was itself already stained by the tax fraud of the Portuguese. He had to pay 19 million euros to the Spanish Treasury, to which he received a two-year probation. Recently, American Kathryn Mayorga raised rape charges against Ronaldo, who rejected them. The police in Las Vegas, the alleged crime scene, determined. Of course, the affair plays an important role in the Juve-cosmos, on the one hand, because of all things, the savior is in the firing line. On the other hand, one fears financial consequences, the Juve share price broke after the announcement of allegations temporarily. The player is nevertheless taught to continue to be the center of all homage. Juventus could offer the striker "protection," said coach Massimiliano Allegri.


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