Ricardo Ferreti among the candidates to be Mexico's strategist

Ricardo Ferreti among the candidates to be Mexico's strategist

MEXICO CITY.- Although he remains in the refusal to take definitively the reins of the Mexican National Team, Ricardo Ferretti left open the possibility of taking the Tri again on an interim basis, for the friendly matches of September next against Uruguay and the United States .
"The possibility is closed. The only thing would be to help once again to make a decision as happened with Osorio. If they do not have clear who they want, if they have two, three, four or five options and want to analyze it well and they need to comply with these two FIFA dates, I do not have any problems and I would direct interim completely, but ending this, they have another time your candidate because I no longer. "
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According to Half Time, Tuca revealed that had he been the only coach that the Mexican Soccer Federation contemplated to assume the position that Juan Carlos Osorio had vacated, he would have accepted it. However, the FMF told him that his name was in the deck of possibilities and therefore declined.
"That's how it was, there was the situation, and because of the way they told me, I told them that if they had two or three more options, I told them that I was thankful for not being in this position."
El Tuca already had a stage as interim coach of the Tri in 2015 and led it in the game against the United States that gave Mexico the pass to the Confederations Cup of 2017.
"I'm going to help them make a decision and only if they want, I'm throwing a chance, an idea and just as it happened last time they did not have someone and I said that I was just in gratitude with Mexican soccer, the country and everything . I love being an interim in the National Team, "he said in an interview with ESPN. .

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