Result of Diaz vs. Rojas: Assault for Assault

Result of Diaz vs. Rojas: Assault for Assault

On August 11, a poster was held where Jesús Rojas confronted Joseph Díaz Jr. at the Avalon in Hollywood, California. The championship at stake was the Super Feather AMB but it will not be because Diaz could not give the weight.
Jesus Rojas vs. Joseph Díaz Jr.
12 Assaults:
First Assault: Rojas went out throwing several punches that Diaz blocked very well almost all the punches. Diaz looked very good pulling short hooks inside.
Second Assault: Diaz fought inside and had Rojas in trouble and threw everything but could not finish it.
Third Assault: Rojas went well pressing Diaz against the ropes attacking the body and face. Diaz was more effective but he let the Puerto Rican be more accurate.
Fourth Assault: The nose Diaz began to bleed enough products from the uppers right to the face by Rojas. An assault where Diaz looked very good but began to show signs that tired as it was not consistent as in previous rounds.
Fifth Assault: Rojas continued to pull the body well and apply pressure to keep Diaz against the ropes.
Sixth Assault: Another assault by Rojas that used his hooks to the body and the pressure against the ropes to prevent Diaz from using his speed.
Seventh Assault: Diaz was able to avoid the pressure of Rojas and used his combinations of strength and rapids to the face of Rojas. The Puerto Rican began to look exhausted from throwing so many forceful blows.
Eighth Assault: "Jojo" continued to use the counterattack well since Rojas started showing problems to keep him on the ropes.
Ninth Assault: Diaz was able to subdue Rojas as he fought in reverse and used his speed punches well. Rojas no longer found what to do and he connected his hands well but did not connect anything convincing.
Tenth Assault: An assault dominated by Diaz who used everything and counterattacked Rojas well. The Puerto Rican looked very tired and connected well to his short shots.
Eleventh Assault: Díaz threw many but most were blocked by Rojas' gloves. The Puerto Rican threw few but connected more.
Twelfth Assault: "Jojo" used his fight from inside but Rojas was the one who dominated inside since he connected almost all his hands and fighting inside is his strong point.
The cards of the judges were: 113-115, 117-111 and 116-112 for the winner by unanimous decision: Joseph "Jojo" Díaz.

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