RB Leipzig: Solid Emil Forsberg missing for two months - BILD

RB Leipzig: Solid Emil Forsberg missing for two months - BILD

What is Emil Forsberg (27)? 62 days ago, the Swede was a last game for Leipzig. Forsberg has a permanent pain in the add-on to the left – but no doctor could help him so far! And operation does not give anything, because there is no broken structure. The Forsberg teaching! Meanwhile, the national player is already facing the fourth specialists. He was in Berlin and Munich, last week with Dr. Med. Kurt Mosetter in Constance. He is an expert in myoreflex therapy leading to muscle relaxation on the pressure points on the body.
And since this week Forsberg has been indefinitely for treatment at the miracle healer Franz Leberbauer in Fuschl am See (Austria).
He is a specialist in the "symphony problem" says Forsberg is suffering. The simphysis is a cartilaginous link between the two pelvic half.

Coach Ralf Rangnick (60) under the BILD: "Mr Leberbauer is commended to us. Emil remains as long as it takes to make it healthy again. He is not painful at the moment but has not participated in staff training. to ensure it remains healthy in the long run. "
Rangnick is a hope: In January, Forsberg should be free from pain. The Swede is skeptical, he told BILD recently: "I think I always feel something on the adders." Last season, he lost two months. Now it's more …

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