Rays and Sparks! Necaxa takes the Blue Az unbeaten

Rays and Sparks! Necaxa takes the Blue Az unbeaten

After FIFA's nine days and breaks, Azul Azul's channel begins to go out and the obvious evidence is that he suffered the first stop on 2018 Apertura when he visited Necaxa in the match that matches Day 9. The first minute of the game, the Rays went to the court with the goal set for the win, regardless of the fact that this is the first stop of the competing leader, the goal fulfilled, thanks to notes Matías Ferández (17 & 39) and Víctor Dávila (83 & 39).
These were saved by Caixhina, but they also left the first minute of the play. First he was thanked by Coron & Chuy & # 39; who stopped the attack on Daniel Álvarez who did not get the first against and then Roberto Alvarado later did not have a successful end. However, the person leaves losing and the lack of pollution I'm living with Necaxa that Matías Fernández's series league thanks to 17 minutes of surprise to put the ball under the barrier to take advantage the home team. Cruz Azul tried to respond with a co-play between Edgar Méndez and Milton Caraglio, however, Luis Donaldo Hernández screwed the opportunity of the Machine to equilibrate the activities.
Although the visitors did not take advantage of the rival mistakes, the local people did. In the same way, they took advantage of the maximum penalty to eliminate the second from the fourteenth quarter with the score of Víctor Dávila, which meant that the unexpected unexpected coating ended.
La Noria did not know how to recover and could not be present on the scoreboard, which would stop breaking the streak without being able to win at Estadio Victoria from Clausura 2009, when they hit the Andcalientes 4-2 at home, but seeing their positive game. With this result, Necaxa is in line with the game after five games without being able to put three in the competition, and reaches eleven units, so that there are 20 and leaders at cement retailers.

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