Rail traffic in Duisburg after football riot set

Rail traffic in Duisburg after football riot set

Rand on the football third division match of KFC Uerdingen against FC Hansa Rostock (2: 1), it came on Saturday in Duisburg to serious riots. Even before the kick-off, there was a brawl in front of the stadium with about 160 participants of both Fanlager. After the match, supporters of both clubs came together again at Duisburg central station. A fall into the track bed, a person was seriously injured and had to be treated by an emergency doctor.

Whether the fall is related to the riots is still unclear. The Duisburg central station was sealed off on Saturday evening and the rail traffic set. The federal police demanded to support a hundred of the Duisburg police. By order of the public prosecutor, the Duisburg police has set up a investigative commission. It should clarify what has happened on the platform and how it came to the injured. For this purpose, the personal details of all persons present on the platform are identified and witnesses are interviewed. According to the police report from the evening, the injured person is in the hospital. There is "currently no danger to life".

Already before the game, a bus with 80 Rostock fans was wrong and stood by chance at the entrance for the Krefelder spectators, said a spokesman for the police Duisburg. The two fan groups went straight to each other and could be separated from the police only with the use of irritant gas. Several people were injured slightly, the police said.

The officials initiated after the incidents before the game criminal proceedings because of serious breach of the peace against all parties. Since 60 Rostock fans refused to give their personal details, they were taken to the police headquarters. As a result, around 300 Rostockers left the Schauinsland Travel Arena in solidarity with the fans. The KFC Uerdingen carries in the season 2018/19 its home games because of reconstruction of its own stadium in Duisburg.


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