Raiders hire the first assistant coach in franchise history

Raiders hire the first assistant coach in franchise history

The NFL evolves every day more and fortunately not only in physical and purely sports, but also in gender equity in the workplace. Kelsey Martinez, 26, became the first assistant coach of the department of conditioning and strength in history of the Raiders, a pioneering franchise in terms of employees is treated. And it is worth remembering that the Malosos were the first team to hire an African-American coach (Art Shell) and a head coach Hispanic (Tom Flores) .Oakland incorporated for this campaign to the guru of the conditioning Tom Shaw, who did not hesitate to add his staff to his right hand.
Kelsey has worked for the past three years under Shaw's leadership, being instrumental in the development of the prospects Khalil Mack, Dak Prescott, Derrick Henry and the new RB of the Giants Saquon Barkley. Many players of the Raiders see in it an inspiration for her daughters, but more importantly, a coach who will be able to turn them into better players. "It instantly becomes a business and that is what it is about. I think that is a testimony of who it is because it can cause us to change the way we work. We do not think about the masculine or the feminine. They are just business and how we can improve, "said LB James Cowser for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Kelsey is aware that it is an example for many women and for the other 31 franchises of the League." No limits should be placed on yourself. Many excuses can be created, but at the end of the day, what do you like to do? I was able to find what I love doing and that works for Jon Gruden every day. Why limit yourself? "He said.

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