Pumas UNAM vs. Pachuca - Match Report - August 12, 2018

Pumas UNAM vs. Pachuca - Match Report - August 12, 2018

Imago7 (ESPN Digital / Javier Rosas) – Pumas keeps the unbeaten after scoring without goals against Pachuca, in a game with few emotions in the goals. The match was played in the rain in much of the time, which made the course of the game complicated. The Felines began with the domain of commitment. In the first five minutes, the locals put Pachuca on their lot, who could not leave due to inaccuracies at the time of giving passes, largely due to the state of the pitch, which had puddles in some areas. court prevented the players from organizing collective plays, because the round was stopped by a puddle or ran with a lot of speed, which complicated the control of it. The University students were the ones who tried the most with two long-range shots, but none scored. The second part started more moved, with activity in the two arcs, by the locals it was Carlos González who disturbed the rival goal; while Francisco Figueroa was the one who most dared the visitors. Emotions only lasted a few minutes, because in a new way the development of the game became locked in the middle court, the place that most resented the rain. Pachuca was the team that best adapted and had more time the round, with which he created collective plays, one of them left Juan Pérez inside the area who fired, but came out just wide of the mark when Alfredo Saldíva took the shot. UNAM hurt with kickbacks. On two occasions they caught the Hidalgo defense badly, on both occasions Carlos González finished the play, the first was stopped by Alfonso Blanco; while in the second his header went up the arc, in what was the last clear chance of the match.

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