PSG: Tuchel evacuates questions about Football Leaks

PSG: Tuchel evacuates questions about Football Leaks

We have already seen Thomas Tuchel more loquacious in a press conference. On the eve of Monaco-PSG this Sunday on the Rock (21h, 13th day of Ligue 1), the coach of the club of the capital, which has sometimes briskly exceeded half an hour of play, sent the exercise in 16 minutes .

Perhaps a way to punish journalists determined to cook on the accumulation of revelations Football Leaks during the week. Three journalists have launched the German technician on the theme, pushing him gradually to lose his serenity.

"I have not seen the report of Special Envoy, I'm listening to a lot of things, it's not a topic with the team, it's not a topic with my staff, we're preparing for our match against Monaco and that does not influence us, "pushes Tuchel from the kickoff.

Relaunched on the reactions of Kylian Mbappé and Neymar on this subject, Thomas Tuchel is just as brief: "I'm old-school (old school) .I do not know what they do on the Internet.But it's normal to I do not think it has any influence. "

"I do not know if they are disturbed"

On the third question, Tuchel struggles to hide his exasperation that transpires even in a few words in English when he thinks he is being questioned again about these reactions: "I do not care."

"Honestly, I do not know what Neymar and Kylian Mbappé are doing on the internet," he says, "what interests me is what happens in the locker room, I'm not the police. I do not care what they do at home, I do not care about that, they do a lot of things, they play at the console, they read, they sleep. "

"I do not know if they're upset," said the former Dortmund coach, "maybe they are, maybe they are not." To know more, it will wait until Sunday evening.




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