PSG refuses to "be ready" to let Neymar and Mbappé go - ESPN Deportes

PSG refuses to "be ready" to let Neymar and Mbappé go - ESPN Deportes

This Paris statement has been published by Paris Saint Germain on Friday, as a note from L & # 39; Equipe, which will be the cover of his Saturday edition, and says that the Paris club "is ready for Kylian Mbappé lost or Neymar Jr "and thus avoid sanctions related to the net financial game. In his press release, the PSG says: "Beyond rejecting the statements that are totally unhappy, happy that only a great climate change. The tension between the club and that media, Paris Saint Germain, repeatedly offers intellectual honesty L & # 39; Equipped and desirable to its editing line of Paris Saint Germain, many examples of treatment that do not have a balance, which is The latest example, last Wednesday, the day of the party in Strasbourg, with a headline asking For sale, with: & Annoying Cavani On the way, in view of the colossal With the headlines dedicated every year in the sports newspaper, a sign of its very popular feature, Paris Saint Germain has the right to to write a schizophrenic approach to Mr. Equipe and its directors. "Equipe says that the PSG sells to one of its two stars at the end of the season due to the finale provided by UEFA n Override and release the fair money in the coming weeks. The Brazilian star club Neymar Jr completes the invitation statement to its fans to support the team. "Four days before the Champions League game that is waiting for us in Belgrade, Paris Saint Germain calls for its community, – amateurs, partners, former players … – to gather more information that has never been around the red and blue jumper , its players, values ​​and ambitions, as the club always has pride. Our fans in social networks are the tremendous support of Neymar Jr., Cavani, Mbappé and all our players. the informatics directed L & # 39; Equipe and his endeavor to confirm his image, Paris Saint Germain, the most popular and successful team in France, reiterates his desire to proceed and deal with the intermediaries but with good minds. "

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