The coach of PSG, Thomas Tuchel, wanted to talk about moving to Monaco this Sunday (21 hours), more than revelations Football Leaks in recent days. The German coach believes that the information disclosed does not interfere with the life of his group.

Are you disturbed by the revelations that surround the club, including those of an ethnic magazine unveiled by Mediapart and a report of Special Envoy?

THOMAS TUCHEL. I did not see the report. I listen to a lot of things. For me, it's not a subject with the team or my staff. Honestly, I'm here to train and manage a band and my staff. We have to prepare our match against Monaco. It does not affect us.

Some young players have reacted on social networks …

I am very old school, I do not look Instagram, Snapchat. I do not know what my players are doing on the internet. But for the players and for the young boys it is normal to react and to have an opinion. It's not a problem for me to prepare the game seriously. I do not think it will have any influence.

Mbappé and Neymar, who are the subject of revelations on their contracts, are they disturbed?

I am interested in what is happening in our locker room. What they do at home does not matter to me, whether they react to the Internet or not. I do not know if they are disturbed, you have to ask them.

Is it particular to face a Monaco team in such bad shape?

No, because Monaco is still a big club in Ligue 1. They have a lot of quality, for example with Falcao and Lopes who are two top-level forwards. The situation is difficult for them. They have played with several systems and a lot of players in the last games. It's hard to prepare, because we do not know what they're going to do. But that's not a problem, we are our own scale of comparison. It's important that we play at our best. There is a lot to do: passes, possession, counter pressing, defense. It's up to us to show our best level. This is the challenge. I want the same performance as against Lille, the same attitude as against Naples. I will not accept less.

Do you have any advice for Thierry Henry, the ASM coach?

No, he was a great player and coach with the Belgian team. He does not need my advice. It's a difficult situation, with a lot of injured players. We can see that the club and everyone are looking for the best system, but with a lot of key players injured, it's difficult. We do not have the same problems and it's a great compliment to our medical staff, because when the key players are injured, it's difficult. He will find solutions, I am sure, but not Sunday, I hope.

How to improve the regularity of the team on a full match?

We had a good game on Tuesday. It's very difficult to play in Naples. We watched his games against Juve, Liverpool, Inter … We made a first half with a lot of confidence, quality, and we scored. We defended together with a good state of mind. In the second half, it was a bit difficult for us to control the ball, the match. The Neapolitans had a few chances, but they did not score. The goal was offside before the penalty kick. We miss a little luck to have another result. But after Lille and Naples, we are very confident to be on the right track.

Will Adrien Rabiot regain playing time in Monaco and is the drop in your playing time related to his contractual situation?

Adrien can play Sunday. We must decide today (Saturday). It's a difficult situation for him. It was very hard against Marseille (Editor's note: He was sanctioned for a delay in the chat), but we had no choice. Then, Julian made good matches against Marseille, against Lille and against Naples. This is the current situation. Adrien has the opportunity to play for us. He's a very important player, it has not changed. He must be ready and I think he is, from what I saw in training.


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