Schildkrot Fitness Kids’ Badminton 2-4 Players Set


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In 1896 the "Rheinische Gummi und Celluloid Fabrik" in Mannheim-Neckarau developed the blass-press method: the production process used to obtain hollow bodies made of celluloid, and immediately registered the necessary patents. This was the starting point for the production of dolls' heads and later for table tennis balls. This process was used under the Schildkröt brand, which was registered as a legal brand from 1899 retrospectively to 1889. The turtle shell is a reminiscense of the tint and pattern of celluloid products and that is why it is used as the company logo. It embodies resilience, durability and resilience. In the 80s the product range was divided into 2 areas Рdolls/toys and table tennis, which were then taken over by various companies. In 1984 the current company owners took over the sporting goods sector, built up the first western table tennis production in China in 1989 and quickly developed the brand.

For 2 players
Content: 2 bats, 2 plastic shuttles in a tube, 3/4 cover with zipper and shoulder strap


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